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Bringing "baked goods" on a plane?

Discussion in 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles' started by vico, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. So, i'm gona be heading out to Lake Tahoe then Southern Cali soon and i'd like to bring some of my own baked goods along with me to enjoy the skiing a bit more and also for the surfing in Santa Monica :hello: . My only problem is getting them through the airport. i only have one stop along the way, in O'Hare, and I was thinking of putting some brownies in a lunch box along w/ some meat to disguise it as an inconspicuous plane snack, and the meat so if dogs happened to be around and pick me out the cops would just think they're attracted to the meat. I'm a young girl and i was also going to dress nicely and look kinda preppy, since i look totally innocent and like the straightedge type already. I know alot of people will just say to get product where im headin, but i dont wana go through the trouble of tryin to find somebody sellin, and I'd kinda like to use my own shit anyway and not have to buy more weed since i already have a good stash. So any feedback on whether the plan sounds legit or not, and any suggestions? id appreciate it :p
  2. That's the dumbest idea I've heard on this forum.
  3. Take your stash and shove it up your butt, then use a plug to eliminate odor problems. You might want to play around with the plug a little bit first so you get used to it. Once you get that down you'll be smuggling product like a pro!
  4. ANYTHING illegal and involving planes are the worst ideas.
  5. bad idea, man. it'd be easier to find bud when you get there. i'm not too familiar with finding bud in tahoe, but they've got a lot of headshops so it's not impossible. as for LA, try venice
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    Drug dogs don't work like that. :rolleyes: If they sniff your bag, no matter what you put in it, you're fucked.

    Instead of risking jailtime, this is what I would do: A lot of people like to ship their luggage to their hotel to avoid dealing with it at the airport. Ship your stash with your luggage. UPS most likely won't search your suitcase (they're too busy for stuff like that, which is probably why the online seed bank websites are thriving), and even if someone *does*, at the very worst you'll have it seized and lose a little bit of clothing. Much better than going to jail, IMO.

    If anyone knows of a reason why this wouldn't work, please inform the OP before she risks her life.

    Of course, the least risky way if you absolutely must get high on your trip, is to just go to a headshop and buy some herbal incense in Tahoe. It won't kill you to do it a few times, and you'll get absolutely baked. In Cali you won't have to worry about it. Just look for someone smoking a blunt, should be very easy. ;)
  7. DO IT, seriously, when was the last time you saw a dog at a security? and when they are they are smelling for bombs not for drugs. the drug dogs (if there are any at the airport) are looking at checked bags.

    if you were flying internationally that would also be a different story, but more flying into the country rather than flying out.
    but flying in the US id say your good. naturally you run a risk, and you need to know if you get caught your fucked... but i honest to god think youll be fine, if they try and stop you say they are just brownies your mom made you before you left home.

    and one more thing, none of my brownies ever smell like weed, and ive had brownies with over an ounce in them and they just smell like brownies.
    do it up, have fun
  8. sounds like a good plan to me
  9. Spacin, you're forgetting about body scanners.
  10. I'm sure you will be fine if you don't make it obvious that its a "special" baked good. :p

    make a sandwich, bake the weed into like 3 cookies, put them in the same ziplock baggy.

    TSA: Food & Beverages

    I'd do it.
  11. @Nutrition Facts just answered that for me, its not against the rules to bring food onto the plane! just dont have "pot brownie" written on the brownies and youll be good :cool:
  12. haha, yeah ^^^^

    as long as your baked goods don't look like this...

  13. I'd say that's a wonderful plan. Just write to us from prison..
  14. girl, just ask yourself this:
    Is it worth the risk???
  15. it was kinda dumb, but i already did it and got away with it. they actually searched my bag since they spotted a water bottle or something left in there and totally ignored the food. they managed to confiscate water but leave me w/ edibles...good job TSA.

    anyway, Tahoe and Cali was fun, but dunno if id risk it again. it was a kinda bad idea. ill prolly just get bud where im goin next time
  16. I have a feeling you were going to do it regardless of what anybody in this thread said. You were going to Cali though, not the hardest place to get weed.... quality non the less.
  17. Just get some from a stand up looking gentleman outside the gas station.
  18. so how many bricks did you shit when they started searching your bag? lol
  19. Dude if i was a girl, id put that shit in mah pussy...

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