Bringing back vape from DC is it easy? I hear you can order it to hotels.

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  1. I have pretty bad atonic seizures (sometimes twice a day!) and it's where I drop to the ground for about 20 seconds with seizures. I've hurt myself bad in stairs and stuff before. The medicines they make are terrible (I've tried carbamazepine and levetiracetam and many others) but get terrible side effects that make it impossible for me to do my job in electrical engineering because I space out and can't solve the math problems and my boss is already complaining about my performance. I'm about 10x slower at my job when I take levetiracetam but can't risk getting hurt all the time, or crashing my car again.

    I am going to drive to Washington DC and order at a hotel as many vapes as possible, like $2k worth (should be about 40 pens) if I can call enough delivery folks for a "donation" but I don't want to get caught driving 500 miles back home.

    What is your advise to hide a large amount driving back home?

    Any advise on how to be safe please!!! This is a really tough situation for me as I don't like breaking the law but I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place with my medical illness. I really wish my home state had options but CDB doesn't seem to have any effect, I tried up to 400 mg a day and its outrageously expensive and worthless, but I've got the random vape pen hookup from an acquaintance and have had fantastic results with my disorder, unfortunately acquaintances have been extremely cautious or selfish with their sources and not willing to help me out with a regular supply. Most of my social groups are from my church so it's not the right crowd to be appealing to about this.

    My condition gives me a ton of anxiety because I can't keep a job if I take medication but it's not going too well having seizures every ****ing day either, and I want to kill myself regularly, so any risk is better then that. I don't know what to do I'm going to drive up this weekend or next because I can't keep living like this and something needs to change or I need to die before I lose my job and family.
  2. Smell proof bags their on amazon for cheap check customer reviews. I’d Keep them in the trunk too. Good luck sorry to hear bout ur troubles but, it’s nice to see someone taking their health in their own hands.

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