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Bringing An Energy Drink To The Sesh A Bad Idea?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TomSelleckBA, May 25, 2013.

  1. So I decided to bring a Monster this time with me to my sesh spot so i could just sip on that while hitting my bong and be in complete bliss, it sounded great, but after a few small bowls on my bong and about halfway through the monster i took one really big hit from the bong after a sip of monster an coughed pretty bad, but it was the king of cough with the dry heaves usually do to bad taste, so about a few seconds after the hit i puked and felt better, then proceeded to finish the bowl, was i just dehydrated or is it bad to have sugar while smoking?
  2. yea energy drinks dehydrate me, thats probably what it was.
  3. All that sugar mixed with smoke in your lungs is bound to make you throw up. I don't drink energy drinks anymore, for the simple fact that you can get just as much 'energy'(sugar) in a much cheaper, not as foul drink. Nobody likes energy drinks the first time they try them, they're like cigarettes.
  4. energy drinks are horrible for you dude
  5. I don't drink anything but water during the actual session itself. Save your food and drink till afterwards
  6. Good idea👍
  7. Tea
    Water (flavored water too)
    Juice (or a drink with at least 50 percent juice)
    Clear sodas

    All good things to have to stay hydrated, and fight cotton mouth.
  8. Energy drinks are unhealthy as fuck, pure sugar.
  9. Why drink them in the first place?
  10. #10 Miskt, May 26, 2013
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    man im so high for some reason I thought the title read is it a bad idea to hide weed in monster(like from smoke shops) during sesh. Then like half way through i'm like wtf is this confusing the hell out of me, then I reread the title and pacefalm whilist chuckling. .
  11. Milk or water bro. None of that sugary bullshit. 
  12. I drink sugar free energy drinks. I find that i don't crash on them like i do normally from sugar loaded energy drinks. I had a friend that used to work for redbull and he said all the guys in the board meetings and stuff only had sugar free redbull. He told me their was no one their that drank the regular red bull stuff for some weird reason lol.
  13. People drink energy drinks. Deal with it.
  14. don't speedball bro
  15. Maybe you swallowed the smoke by drinking the monster so close to a hit. It's been known to happen, I highly doubt sugar made anyone throw up, lol.
    But energy drinks are fuckin delicious. My killing point though, I love them too much, and  I contribute much of my weight gain to all the sugars.

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