bringing alchy into us..

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  1. so i'm here in south america, and of course i'm going to bring some alcohol back as gifts and what not...

    my homie says that i might as well return them cuz

    1. i'm 19, therefore not old enough to carry alcohol?
    2. i have like 6 bottles of pisco (chilean alchy)

    so what do you guys think?
  2. you comin back by train, plane, or car?
  3. if you do declare it, wouldn't they stop you because you're not 21?

  4. Plane man.

    I mean when it goes through the x-ray thing will be specifically be looking for bottles or liquids? damn, kinda bummed

  5. that's what i'm trying to figure out. if they do ask you to declare it, which from my experience they don't. they ask if your carrying animal products and excess amounts of money. i THINK that's all for the most part.
  6. Well dude when you come in through customs back to the US you will have to fill out a form all about what you are bringing back and the purpose of the visit. So like said above, your gonna have to declare it, is there anyone else your with old enough who can bring it back?
  7. Holy Shit!

    I love pisco, I used to live in Chile!

    When I came back, I was 16 or 17 (i dont remember). I brought back 4 Capel bottles no prob...

    Where in Chile are you?

    I didn't declare it; I just put it in the bottom of my suitcase wrapped in some T-Shirts. I know, bad me.

  8. fer sure. this is what i needed to hear. haha. okay seriously like my baggage ALL have clothes. and i mean a good amount of it, cuz i was too stoned to pack, my mom did it all. haha

    i'm in santiago man!
  9. what kind of alchohol ... light or dark? My uncle brings baq liquor in the big Listerine bottles.

  10. dark. and i mean half of the bottles i plan on giving them to family friends. so yeah don't want to take that out of the box.

    oh well. we shall see.
  11. good luck man :hello:
  12. Just don't carry it onboard, check your bags. You won't be allowed to bring liquids on the plane (at least in the US, donno if chili does the same)

  13. :laughing: Man hes in South Africa.

  14. Hmm is your sister miss south carolina? Because that, sir, is some good geography

  15. LOL! Fuck.. You got me. Sorry.

    South America everyone. Hahahaha.

    Shit I feel dumb. :smoking:
  16. Hahahah when you said africa I actually questioned myself for a second, then it just reminded me of that miss south carolina video :p

    To OP, again just check it or you could ship it and thatd solve all problems I'm pretty sure
  17. dude ive been flying around with alcohol by myself since i was 12. my parents used to put it in my suitcase with a few bottles. ive never been bothered. i wouldnt worry about it.
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    You should prolly take the risk, Im from Chile (Santiago) and ive been in your situation. Went to visit a good friend from HS in Boston earlier this year and brought a couple bottles of Capel (pisco) and some cartons of smokes through US customs no probs. Btw im 19 too so underage in the US as well. Although im not american so i don't know if the same legislation applies?

    Oh yea btw first post jaja been enjoying these forums for too long without posting

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