Bringing a Look A Like Bong In the AIRPLANE

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  1. Im in Las Vegas for a week and they gave me this plastic or acrylic( not sure) sort of tube to drink out of with a long straw. It pretty much looks like a bong just with out a bowl or carb. I wanna bring it in check in baggage.

    They won't stop it right

    "Help I need somebody, help not just anybody, help i need someone"
    Quote from the Beatles :)
  2. TSA might check but if it hasn't been touched with any illegal substances your good
  3. bringing drinking cups on an airplane isn't against any laws or rules..

    as long as there isn't any liquid in it..
  4. A yard glass from Vegas isn't a bong...until it's a bong
  5. my friends brother made a bong out of one of those its called fat tuesday just like the drink. its like 3 and half feet tall hits like a champ
  6. Just got back to Swizerland From Las Vegas to Los Angeles To Zurich to Geneva. No one said anything( probably because I kept the straw in) but one Mexican lady at the security check asked another guy if this was ok and that it looks like a bong or something like that. The guy said no
  7. I'm from Vegas, and boy do we love seeing you tourists buying those drinks on the strip. How much do those cost again? 10? 15 bucks?

    Every time I see someone with one of those I just laugh, cause if you go to any bar outside of downtown Vegas you can get beers for a buck.
  8. wow you are a pus why would you worry about bringing an empty plastic cup on an airplane
  9. Prepare to eat cock meat sandwiches if you do(Harold n kumar reference)

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