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Bringing A Joint On An International Flight

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by StonerSalami9929, May 26, 2013.

  1. So I'm travelling from Amsterdam via Finland to the US and I really would like to bring back just one king size joint from Amsterdam to smoke with my friends back home. I will have to go through US customs in NYC and I was wondering if anyone knew of a solid way to achieve this.
    I don't want to bring any baggies or grams of weed, just a pre-rolled J. I am not familiar with customs coming in from Europe into the US, but I figured there had to be some way to bring in such a small item, like taping it to my leg or something around there. 
    I will be coming from Finland, so my flight won't say Amsterdam, which I believe would also be less sketchy.
    If anyone has any ideas, let me know, my flight is in about a week or so.

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    Don't bring ANY of that shit to the U.S. via flight. That's smuggling, along with some other felonies they could probably drop on you if caught. It's on the top ten list of dumbest things you can do coming to America post 9/11. I wouldn't even bring safety scissors over here. 
  3. It's still considered trafficking. And the laws are much, MUCH harsher when your dealing with anything "international".
  4. Like dude said if your caught your fucked. I think it would be easy with just one j though. If i were attempting it i would wrap it up in saran wrap really really good and tape it right next to my nutsack and hope for the best. The only way you would get caught is if they smell it, that gives them probable cause to search all your shit and you. If it doesnt smell then your just another guy going through customs. I would try but like i said, if you must insist.
  5. Cigar tube in your prison pocket. May as well pack it full of Amsterdam bud; if you get caught, it's all the same.
  6. BAD Idea.  If they chose to search you, and they can tell you've been to Amsterdam by your passport, your S.O.L. I've been to Amsterdam they searched 2 out of 4 people on that trip and it was well before 9/11.  Be very careful I don't recomend this
  7. Is it really that much better? You're gonna look like Bill Bellamy with 10 felonies if you get caught, your best bet is to buy some weed on the street corner back home, rub some hugo boss cologne on it and tell your friends it's from amsterdam  
  8. Don't listen to these guys man! You can do it  :smoking:
  9. You'd be better off smuggling your friends into Amsterdam stuffed up your bum.
  10. Subdermal implant?
  11. Hide it in a bag of oregano
  12. Do not attempt to hide it anywhere on your body.  The body scanners they use now basically allow airport security to see you naked.  If you have any sort of additional material on your body, they will immediately flag you for an additional search.
    You could possibly try to ship it to yourself, but there is still significant risk with that as well.
  13. NO shipping it to yourself.   Everything outa A.Dam is inspected before it comes in the good old USA thats why you get those nifty stickers saying that when you order from IDK grasscity??!!!
  14. well, a friend of mine went to holland for 4/20 nd accidentally brought back .5 of crystal hash in his pocket
    do what ya want with that info..
  15. Vacuum seal some buds and put it in the mail...
  16. My friends parents went to amsterdam and rolled hash paper thin and put it in a card and mailed it to themselves, it worked XD
    but that was awhile ago
  17. Don't do it op
  18. i went on a cruise on the same day of me getting release from jail in late august or early september and met a guy from Jamaica on there. he sneaked in an eighth (3.5 grams) what he did was wrapped the trees in those cloths that you put in your dryer that are scented, he wrapped it up with 3 or 4 of those. and he kept it in his pocket and put his grinder in his luggage, we were suppose to board the ship at 7pm, but with crew problems they  didnt start letting people board till 10pm, so maybe the reason he was able to get it in was because they were rushing to get people on the boat.. 
    as the smokeuhton said, do what you want with the info
  19. Why don't you just bring some nitro glycerin, nails, and a metal tube with you too? Seems legit.
    In all seriousness, sneaking weed into the US is probably THE dumbest thing you could do, you'll get caught.

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