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Bringin that city weed to the burbs!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by boredjim8, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. GUy at work gets mad nug doesnt smoke so he aint pinchin it .. bringin me a zip today *payday* for 120 .. and cheaper next few times.. 10$ cheaper than what he normally sells em for too cause he wanted to hook it up cause he liked me .. his dimes and dubs are hott as shit and fat as shit .. so this ounce should be no diffrent..

    =D kids gonna flock for this shit around here so cheap 25$ eigth u cant beat it
  2. damn that's a really good price.

    what kind of nug is it?
  3. Dealers who dont smoke are awesome. They usually hook you up more
  4. Yup, I had one dealer that was a huge fucking stoner and I would buy eighths from him and wouldn't be satisfied. Eventually months later, I came across a dealer who hadn't smoked and he gave you FAT ass bags!
  5. that seems strange to me
    were they ever smokers, or do they do other drugs?
  6. i've only really heard of people selling harder shit and not doing it.

    i know a kid that slangs blow every once in a while if his guy can get him an ounce or 2. he usually gets them fronted to.

    since he doesn't do it he gave a line to each person that was there when he picked it up and asked them if they thought it was good.

    group response. "my face is numb."
  7. man i got fuckin rippppped .. he said hed fix it wednesday.. but i got shored a lil over a half ;\ .. i only need 2 mroe eights from him and i wont have lost nething but FUCK goin back to him.. and he fuckin works with me rihgt? like whatthe fuck someones gonna kick ur ass but i think they alll like him more so idk ;\ probly jsut gonna end nowhere.. fuckin peice of shit heh .. weight was like .. 12something .. i think idk i wasnt there when friend weighd it w/o the baggie .. amd he sold a 'quater' to a kid at work for .. 50 .. it was a fuckin eigth ..


    his 25 bag was sick..

    his 10s are rediculus

    his 5s are normal..

    wtf man.. so mad ..

    btw it was high mids
  8. People make mistakes... and some just do selective scamming... like PayPal and eBay.

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