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Bringin bud to college

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SoGnarlyDooD, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, so I'm goin to college tomorrow and I'm planning on bringing like 10Gs up. How do I do this without my parents finding it? Cause they're gonna help me unPack and shit when we get there.
  2. put it in a mason jar and stick it in your personal backpack homey, not with anything that will need assembling or unpacking
  3. Tape it to your balls.
  4. I'm leaving in the morning. Just bringing an eighth up. I'm going to school in a city that is very weed friendly, so i just wanted to bring enough to last until i find a new guy.

    I put mine in a jar (NEEEEEEEEEEED one if you don't have one) and put that jar under the plastic mould in my box my headphones came in. The lid fit on perfectly. Threw that in the backpack and put it in the car. I put a set of scales and magic flight batteries in my bass guitar case. Gonna carry the vape in my pocket and it'll be alllllll good.

    My tip is to put it in something they won't have a reason to open (bringing PC games of any sort? They don't need to install them for you. Bringing a guitar case? Your dad won't want to strum some chords in the middle of move in process.

    EDIT: The eighth i picked up today was from a different guy, but it just so happens to be the same shit i got last week. Dankest shit i have picked up in a long time. This bag is full of little half-gram nugs though. My last bag had a 4.4 gram beauty in it.

  5. Where ya goin dude? Thanks for the tips.
  6. UNC Asheville my man. May have or may not have heard of Asheville, i dunno. It's an awesome little hippy city in the mountains of NC.

    What about you?
  7. You could untwist your deoderant stick all the way and put it in there. Safest spot ive seen or heard of
  8. This is always a good place, assuming you can fit 10g in it. Then just put it with all your other toiletries, you're parents have no business being in there. And it masks any smell.

    This is what i'll be doing when I leave next week
  9. ^^^But that makes my pretty little popcorn nugs smell like old spice, and my old spice smell like bud. and uhh...naaah, i'll be having none of that!
  10. just put it in a backpack or something.
    they arent going to literally unpack everything with you.
    shit you could get away with putting it in a pair of pants, like in the pocket.

    headiest college town in NC if you ask me.
    they have some killer up in those parts.
    you will not be disappointed. :D
  11. put it w/ all your toiletries

    i imagine parents dont usually mess around with kid's shampoo and shit

    just put your weed in a few plastic bags and then stuff it in a shampoo container, then put shampoo in.

    it'll be a huge fuckin mess at first, but it's prety much 100% safe

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