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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mulli_melli, Feb 11, 2002.

  1. Quick question??????

    Is it possible to bring a outdoor plant that is in early stages of flowering indoors?

    I fear theifs have their eyes on our so thought secret!! I don't know what to do. The plants are doing so well outside, I'm worried if I do bring them indoors they won't bud as well. Plus it's been hot lately and there's a big temputer drop inside.

    I don't want to kill my plants, just keep them safe. They only have 3 weeks to go. Anyone predict the plants reaction?
  2. Don't have a clue about moving your "Treasure" indoors, but is there any way you can rig some kind of alarm? As in a BIG barking dog, A trip-line strung with cans, motion detecter lights,etc.? A sign that says Tresspassers will be used as fertilizer! Luck & Sucess to ya!
  3. I want to bring them inside permanently. As I said they only have 3 weeks (max) to go.

    It's not only theifs I'm worried about. It was my stupid idea to grow outdoors in the first place, but I had no idea they would get so big!!

    There is no where left in the back yard to hide them. Anyone could look over our not so high fence and see them straight away. We already dug a trence to sit them in cause they were towering over the 6foot fence. I guess I'm worried about being dobbed in!!

    They are in the bathroom at the moment. They almost touch the roof. Bloody hell mate, what in the world am I going to do with them. I can't wait to they are finished and the stress is all over.

    How can I provide fake sun for matured plants that have grown up outside??
  4. Do you having any glass doors?
    You could put them in front of a sliding glass door or a patio door. If you don't have any big windows then maybe use mirrors? I'm just throwing out ideas here...If I was put in your position I would probably put them on the roof of my house or just move them to somewhere safe if they can fit in a van or something...LOL! Those are big...Good Luck!
  5. Just thought I'd let you know the outcome of my drama!:)

    I rang the hydro shop to ask if I could still flower my outdoor plants inside. He said they would probably die and the buds on them would not get any bigger than they already are. Bummer...So I thought fuck it, their going back outside and if I lose them it's my loss and it's just part of the risk of growing! NO MORE STRESSING. Well I'm trying, I'm just so excited I've got this far.

    Anyway, they are doin' fine. Covered head to toes in buds. I think my 3 week to go idea was wrong, be probably a month. The buds are probably as big as my thumb so far, All the different sections of flowers on each limb will lend up joining making lots of big long chunky buds!!!! The crown is going to weigh a bit, might make the plant sag over. Not sure, but we'll see......can't wait either!

    I do have a dog by the way. We've had a lot of break in's in our area and I've noticed how she's been sitting in the middle of the lawn some nights, just watchin', ears pricked. She never ever barks unless she see's something. One solid 'WOOF' and that's it, if she's still suss she'll let another out. Always one single bark at a time. That's when I know to check. Just incase....
  6. Dude you are guttsier than I would be with a mature plant. You might want to try a motion sensor security light($20-$30)
    that you can get at wal-mart. Also try puttin' a green house over it. I know you said it was big but a frame made out of furring strips and plastic sheeting wouldn't be to bad. Thes are only thoughts, you know your situation better than i, just thinkin' about the feelings I would have if i lost a big flowering plant. Whatever happens good luck.
  7. We actually have 2 BIG flowering plants, we call them 'the girls'!! One each you see, mine is just a normal lookin' cannnabis plant but my boyfriends is mutated, but in a good way.

    What happen was, a few months back I had them in a different spot and they got fryed from the sun. Ooops!! The top of his plant just crumbled in my hands so I snipped it off. Now it has 3 crowns on it. Cool eh?!! Now the plant is extra wide lookin'.

    The there's not really a strong smell. Not that I've noticed anyway!! :)

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