Bring a Tissue...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by grapeALICIOUS, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    ..I warned ya!

    Anyone wanna take a guess at the count?
  2. no. but hook it up!
  3. probably about 5 miles away from me.
    and i cant find a single stick to buy..
  4. Around 110?

    I tried counting them on the screen but messed up.
  5. nicce

    my friends brother got 100 bars the other day.

    he spelled out:

    "I <3

    and snapped a pic before he flipped them all in like 3 hours.

    i'll try and see if i can get ahold of it.

  6. close!


  7. Lol,I knew I was close though.Have fun with them.
  8. ooooooo woooooww!!!! <3
  9. Ehhh I'm really not gonna fuck with these that much lol..
  10. whata a beautiful scene
  11. How much did you pay for those?
  12. My god...

    You will not remember the next month.

  13. I paid absolutely nothing...;)

    Got a hold of all those for $200 though...

    $200 went for 50 bars over here.. :hello::wave:
  14. Damn I can get 100 for the 120 over here.
  15. woooww north or south jersey? my connections suckkkkkkkkkk
  16. Care to ship a few over here :cool:
  17. like im about to hit you up to come through for partys by me lol
  18. Thats it.. Send me 25 of those or I'm gonna have a fit, cus I didn't bring any tissue :( haha

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