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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Spudder, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Sup outgrowers! I don't think this has been posted, maybe not even thought of? Lol, many of the bigger pots are VERY expensive where I am, $40+. I was looking outside and saw a huge plastic box, one of those large plastic ones you can buy for like $10-$15 at a local store. How well do you think they would work? You could even spraypaint it camo!
    Maybe i'm just too high?
    -Spud :smoke:
  2. seems fine to me. i use a few buckets and just spray paint them. the container doesnt matter as long as it holds the soil and has proper drainage... fuck40 dollar pots
  3. You mean like a rubbermaid tote? Yeah it would work, like the dude above me said, as long as it holds soil. And just put holes in the bottom for drainage. Good thinkin cheap :)
  4. you think thats brilliant?

    two words : Recycle Bins

    theyre FREE, its just the fact that stealing them is illegal...and theyre bright blue where i live.

    but i HAVE thought of taking a couple off my street, spray painting the outsides brown and green, and just having some fuckin 8 foot bushes out behind my house....our recycle bins have got to be like 30 gallons or something....dankkkk

    i do not condone know what else is free? digging holes!!! OOOHHHHH:hello:
  5. Lol, don't worry bro, i've done it free this year. But in this rocky area where it can take you anywhere from an hour to two hours digging a hole, I would rather invest in ten dollars :p
  6. NOT investing in your grow must be totally false economy. How much bud will $40 buy you? How much more bud will you get from a good sized pot? Exactly. So stop being a tight ass and spend your money wisely.
  7. $40 is pricey. Use trashcans man.
  8. that just crazy enough...... To get us all killed!!!!!!
  9. Well, I was an extreme tight ass this year by digging holes, I mean, my stink star was puckered up (No homo) LOL! But the fact I was getting at is, wouldn't a plastic 50 gallon tote be just as good as a 50 gallon pot? Wouldn't the amount of soil and the space the roots could get at be the same in the pot and tote? Or do the Marijuana plants develop better in circular spaces?:p
  10. Never grow in anything else !!! :hello:
  11. Lol, will do Cantharis, your feedback is ALWAYS appreciated. Well, my idea was a flop, listen to the main man Cantharis! Only circular spaces for me!:p
  12. It was only a joke, LOL. To be honest, any shape will do - MJ roots will totally fill any container. But do NOT stint the SIZE of your growing container - bigger the roots, bigger the yield.
  13. the title to this thread was very misleading :(

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