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brilliant idea

Discussion in 'General' started by chickenarmy, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. the have one in miami called The Cereal Bowl

  2. yep! on penn's campus
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    foop generally does so in all his foop-bagedness :p

    side note... i had lucky charms for dinner... time got away from me, and it was 130a... and cereal's bout the only thing that can be consumed quietly... plus it's lucky-freaking-charms.... end ramble


  4. were they magically delicious?

  5. hah quietly? when i go downstairs at 2am to get a bowl of cereal, i usually wake my bro up from my spoon continuously clanking against the bowl, too busy crunching to notice (the louder the crunch the better the cereal imo).

  6. yea, i think cereal is best reserved for those times when you're really high late at night. it's awesome getting a bowl of cookie crisp or trix or something while watching some tv or something and then going to bed.

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