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Discussion in 'General' started by chickenarmy, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. somebody should open up a place that sells gourmet cereal
  2. i didnt know cereal could be gourmet
  3. ha.....funny
  4. I'd kill for an original box of count chocula. that shit was the flame!!!!
  5. From The Office

    It's like, maybe you can cook but that doesn't mean you should start a restaurant.
    Michael: Well actually, I can't cook and I am starting a restaurant. Mike's Cereal Shack. I'm thinking we'll have as many varieties as you can buy in a store.
  6. there is a place like that in an airport i was going through once, maybe JFK in new york? i laughed when i saw it.
  7. theres this movie...its called it:smoking:
  8. here u go i been to the one down in Philly,, this place is crazy. Its a stoners dream![​IMG]:smoking:Check it out, one morning i might have to hop in the whip and smoke a couple L's and go down there again.:smoking:

  9. beat me to it.
  10. damn, i knew it was a good idea but somebody beat me to it.

  11. omg i've been there. *drools*
  12. i think i know where that is!!! isnt that in university city like right next door to the american apperal?? ive been by that place a bunch of times but never actually gone in.....i might just have to buy some resteraunt style cereal
  13. Jesus christ what HAVENT they thought of yet?
  14. I'm sorry but the whole point of cereal was for people who wake up late and can't cook well. You can just sit in your kitchen and enjoy a bowl full of sugar.... What the fuck is the point of dragging yourself out of bed, and then out of your house to sit down at a cafe and eat cereal? I can do that at my fucking house. If I am going to go out for breakfast, you better fucking believe I am getting a stack of blueberry pancakes with hash (the meaty kind, not the smokable kind... although that would be nice too)
  15. You are just mauling the late sleepers today
  16. There's a place in downtown St Petersburg called the "Surreal bowl" [cereal bowl]

    don't know if they're still open... haven't been in like 3 years... I went once with these chicks who were in the art magnet portion of our high school.

  17. haha, I guess so. Most of my friends are late sleepers so I have spent many a Saturday afternoon just sitting around twittling my thumbs waiting for them to get up after a nights party.

    I can never ever sleep past 9 o clock.... ever. Even if I stay up until 3 in the morning drinking, I will still wake up before 9.
  18. me either.. please describe to me what a gourmet cereal would be like.
  19. that cereality place looks bomb :smoking:
  20. From The Office

    Count choculitis? Why would you right such a thing? Is it know i love Count Chocula?
    Jim: Do You?
    Dwight: Now no one is getting health care, and its all your fault!

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