bright yellow leaves on top of plant, 1st week flower

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  1. auto skunk started flowering last week. the leaves at the top third are bright yellow. dont think its cause of new growth. other plant not like this. i was told to switch to flower nutes, so did. but think by what im finding it could have been to early. although its only the top. read i should flush and about ten other things. anyone here know what could be going on?

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  2. If the plant was ok before those flower nutes, and not ok after them, then maybe they are responsible. I'd go back to regular nutes (which is what I do throughout), and see whether stopping that bloom nute nitrogen deprivation fixes the problem.
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  3. Please don't flush. The plant is most likely starving. You're definitely low on nitrogen. Add some nitro rich feed to the bloom nutrients. Don't cut the bloom out.
    I would also add some epsom salt because you look low on magnesium.

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