Bright spots on leaves / Critical+

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    My Critical+ has bright spots on the leaves. It grows fast and shows no other problems rather those bright green patches and coarse leaves. I have more plants in the same tent - no problems at all. Same soil, same nutes, same everything...
    It kinda looks like a sulphur or iron deficiency to me, but I'm not sure. She always gets some sulphur with pH down when watering. Also, she got some iron with nutes too. Could it be just genetics?

    Any ideas?

    P.S. 3rd photo - same plant but few weeks ago.

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  2. I not saying its TMV but google for TMV you you or your buddy toke tobacco?

    I hope I'm wrong but then again many peeps do add (S) to their plants maybe not so often as this noob?
  3. No, not really. Reading about TMV I found that similiar symtoms may by caused by mutation or other genetic factor. The plant is growing fast and otherwise looks healthy, other plants are not infected so I doubt it could be TMV.

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