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Discussion in 'General' started by InferiorWang, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. I was drinking tonight and went over to this girls apartment. She gave me this pill that she didn't know what it was. It's bright orange, an inch wide, half an inch tall and a 1/4 of an inch tall. There are no markings on it. Is it a vitamin or something worth having fun with? I can't remember the sites with the pill directories and I'm a little drunk, but does anyone know what it is?

    god damn. it's fuzzy as hell. anyone know? I'm not taking it unless I figure it out.
  2. god damn again. the pic didn't get psoted. here we go.

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  3. Looks like a jelly bean... I'd eat it.
  4. dude do not eat something you don't know what it is. im not much into pills unless its like valiums or morphines or zannies so i suggest you just toss that shit away
  5. bright orange pill? oh sheit adderall! oh wait that's....that's a fucking jellybean...
  6. Looks like you got yourself a tic tac.

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  7. yea, looks like a tictac to me too.

    but these people should be able to help you
  8. yeah, really bad picture. And I'm not taking it if I dunno what it is.

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  9. HAHAHAHA, sorry but i had to laugh, it's a fucking jellybean or something, just eat it.

    It's hardly Ecstacy or something.
  10. most definately not a jelly bean, to angular.

    But it very well could be a vitamin C or other supplement. I really doubt its anmything that will have an effect on you, due to the lack of any type of marking on the pill.

    id just toss it. or put it away and maybe one day youll find out what it is.
  11. hmmmmm... un-familiar to me.... I even tryed looking it up for you on

    which has pretty much every prescription drug, along with a picture to show you what they look like.....

    So odds are, your either looking at a multi-vitamin or something completly random....

    Personally i wouldn't eat it unless i knew what it was, but you should check out that site to make sure i didn't miss it.... or just for future referance.... hope that helped...

  12. I wish someone would give me adderall. I wouldn't take it unless I definetly knew what it was though.
  13. hahaha your right, ive seen them at local pharmacies
  14. I guess it's too late to be using that, maybe next time though!
  15. well if ya look at it this way, its 1 pill, how bad could 1 pill fuck you up unless it was street made, and that doesnt look like it was made by some drug chemist, it would of probably been round if it was, i'd take it, but not while drunk cuz ya never know how it might react with alcohol... u could always jus ask her wat it is though
  16. lol lick it if it doesnt taste sweet, it could be yaba. In england, yaba is getting popular.

    yaba is a form of hallucinating stimulant.

    iam only guessing this because most yaba pills are orange... not sure tho...
  17. Hahaha, it was a hangover pill. :D Thats funny as hell.
  18. gotta love trippin off chasers
  19. Hell yah that is a chaser. I took them b4 only one and i gave one to my friend. I forgot we took them tho. i dont think we got a hangover.....hmmmmm? wish i could remember what time that was i been drunk a few times the past few weeks and i dont think i got a hangover ne time so yah LOL. Who knows. but its definately a chaser. Nice friend lol.

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