Bright green vs dark green plants

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  1. So I’m stumped this may be stupid but I’m giving it a shot so a few buddies of mine are growing alongside myself some of the plants they have are EXTREMELY bright green almost like a like green they are looking super healthy then the other half have darker green plants both look amazing and healthy my question is s it the strain that makes the plant the bright stand out color or is it the nutrients they could be using? Thanks in advance!
  2. More the. Likely the genetics in different strains. But if there all the same then over watering and underwatering can affect color in the plants

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  3. Got a photo for us bro
  4. Im my experience Dark green indicates the use of more nitrogen than what you may be using. I agree also it may be strain difference. But if the strains are the same I would guess the light green is an indication of using less nitrogen then the dark green plants. AND of course photos would help.
  5. I’m trying to add a picture but I’m on a iPhone using the app for some reason it won’t lettme upload one?? Ughhhh hang tight !!!

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