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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by brickyboom, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. Hi guys, I am totally new here and about growing but i've been reading a while, I live where's almost impossible to get even mid grade weed/ seeds (yeh I know sounds sad) but Im used to, anyways, i will try to grow this weed that I have access to (Brick/schwag).

    I know I cant get good plants from bad seeds but... Can I at least get better weed that the original product if I do everything Im supposed to do in order to grow a healthy or sinsemilla plant?

    Thanks and is awsome to have a place where I can ask these things (excuse my english).
  2. I grew out some mid grade bag seed a while back , and although it was a lot better than the weed it came from , ( what especially did it was a proper manicure, dry and CURE) it still was nowhere as good as the " store bought" genetics I also grew,. I am a firm believer that good genetics to start are a huge indicator of the flower qualities final product ,
    Not to say you won't get great herb from shwag genetics, I'm sure someone has best of luck
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  3. Thanks for sharing that info and I do live in Dom. Rep. So I cannot buy good seeds or something, and here it's only shwag or brick my friend. High grade is exactly x15 as expensive than shwag here hehe

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