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Brick weed was awesome?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mystmoore, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. #1 Mystmoore, Sep 19, 2009
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    Haha I usually smoke some decent mids. Friend was visiting from school 3 hours away and told me she was bringing her bong which is double the size of mine, along with some weed. She told me not to expect anything great, so I was like its fine. I planned on getting some last night with a new person but it didnt work out. I took hers out... Straight up brick weed haha. It was all hard as a rock. I was afraid my grinder was gonna break a piece off lol. It was so hard to grind up, not even any seeds though. Sorta like bricked up mids. I had my doubts since she got high a lot soon than I did. I winded up getting higher than I think I've ever gotten, no lie. Usually takes me at least 2 bowls of mids to get me going. I mean, I did smoke a lot of it but holy fuck. I was looking in the mirror and felt like I was being pulled in. Insane! It tasted like crap but what a night!

    The only pic I took is in crappy light from last night, just took it quick to send to a friend. First time ive seen bricked up weed in person.

    In retrospect....... I was sparkin up the whole bowl and taking monster hits now that I think of it.. My bong is so tiny for the time being so I dont take too big of hits.
  2. "I was afraid my grinder was gonna break a piece off" ROFL!

    sounds like it might have been tightly compressed. Whoever she got it must've analed it and smuggled it through in a condom xD
  3. I have had some pretty good bud in bricked(hard as a rock) form, no seeds either. Its rare, but it happens. It just wasnt stored/handled properly. Bigger hits = more effect, especially witha bigger tube.
  4. never had bricked bud. probably because if ever offered to buy any i'd say fuck that
  5. Ive had great brick weed grown in Oaxaca Mexico
  6. i getbrick somtimes..its decent wut can i do ima poor mufucka tryin to make it
  7. I got REALLY high off brick the one time, I acted way different than I did high but I was outside in a different setting.
  8. #8 boogercruiser, Sep 21, 2009
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    brick weed doesnt reall have to be lows.......its true sometime u get a some brick weed that smokes like mids....

    here where i live we get a jamaican brick weed compressed in pellets (maybe to be smuggled in someone's anus... go figure) but that shit smokes as strong as dank but the taste is still horrible
  9. 1 time i got 8 onces for 5 hundred from a amigo.... the first blunt was the only 1 that got me high..... u must b blessed with low tolerance
  10. I know exactly what you're talking about. I got some brick weed now but you get high as a kite, no rough comedown or nothing I don't even feel sleepy when its done with
  11. i got higher then ive ever gotten off of some schwag on saturday night. it was really good weed i must say.
  12. i never get brick weed but my friend had got this schwag once and it got me really high, im not sure why but it did haha.
  13. a friend asked me if i wanted to smoke. it wasn't "brick but it was really hard to break up. looked really brown but it got me super high, just not for very long =./
  14. just because it's compresso doesn't' mean it's not fairly potent.
  15. yeah bricks arent always shitty buds, its called that cause of how its packed

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