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Brick weed in the UK

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JesusGreen, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. So I hardly see mids around where I live (Cambridge, UK), and I've never seen anything below high mids, ever. So any other UK stoners know where to get brick or cheap weed? Right now I'm only smoking dank, and it'd be nice to have something to fall back on when I'm low on cash.

    Thanks :)

  2. mite sound a bit racist but fuck being PC

    look out for a rasta ask him if he smokes sess/comercial
    i met one of the most reliable dealers of my life doing that

    but i am in the LDN so finding a rasta mite b abit easier lol

    im certain ull find some thai stick
  3. I've had thai before but it was broken up and sold in small amounts just the same as some nice dank would be, so you're still only getting 1.4g for £10, 2.8 for £20, etc. I'm looking for something where I can get an ounce for like £30-60, other than soapbar - because that's not worth buying no matter the price :p
  4. Never really had anyone ask me where to get cheap weed before to be completely honest. But that is unique. Always curious about the drug working of places outside the US since it's such a fucked up way of working here.
  5. i've had thai before up here in Wales but never any 'brick'
    my last batch the buds were nice and dry but sort of, hard? and seemed to be very keify
    *worries about blasted bud*
  6. you guys are paying way too much in london, i can get 1.9G for 10
    and 3.7G for 20 down here in bournemouth
  7. you guys are retarded in bournemouth.

    1.9 x 2 = 3.8

    i got a guy in milton keynes that sells cheap shit, mids, beasters, i once even got a 1/8 full of shake.

    bad times.
  8. come down to london, not too hard to find some mids 20£ an 1/8th
  9. sorry man,i think most brick weed is from mexico,well is packaged in mexico.:wave:
    find a mexican.

  10. hes rite ur maths is WRONGGGG
    but i wont lie we do get ripped off in london
    we get quality not quantity mind you

  11. if youre buying thai for the same weights as skunk...
    then ur gettin ripped off
    i think an ounce for 30-60 ur only gonna be gettin grit weed or soap bar
  12. Thread necro'd.

    I get 2.8g of dank for £20, why would I spend the same for 0.7g more of mids? I'm looking for a more dramatic price difference than that :p

    My mate in London says he gets 2g for £10. Is that high mids or is it just low mids/crappy weed?

  13. sounds like "crappy weed" but as i understand that is what you are looking for (brick is not quality).
  14. It is, but not at that little of a price difference.

    For dank I pay:

    £10 for 1.4g
    £20 for 2.8g
    £40 for 5.6g
    £160-180 for 1oz
  15. in the uk it will most likely be called bush weed, and the cheapest ive ever seen for that is £15 for 3.5g's. stick to the high grade man.
  16. My buddys in the England would hit me up with a nice 10 pound baggie of around 1.6-1.9 which is pretty generous seeing as it is real nice bud too.
  17. I live in the UK and ive just had Blue cheese , Just smoking Amnesia Haze atm. I've had Strawberry Cough and Bubblegum aswell. Then there is your usual bud , Homies and import etc. But most of the bud is decent around here. Keep lookin' man :smoke:

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