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brick weed bho??or iso.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BuRnTrEeS247, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. #1 BuRnTrEeS247, Mar 26, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 27, 2012
    I wanna buy a oz and make some hash but Idk if it works bho wise.. I was gunna do some iso if it didn't but would rather try bho...and its straight brick weed fresh from Mexico:eek:
  2. Bho > iso more thc removed ftw...

    but im going to have to say those bubbly bags with ice cold water is the way to go
  3. It will work either way, with BHO or alcohol. If it's low grade material it should only effect the amount and quality of the hash/oil you get from it. Sometimes, low grade commercial herb has already been washed with solvents by unscrupulous growers or dealers, to extract a certain amount of the potency it contains, which can really limit the amount you'll get from it.

    Anyhow, some folks like to do BHO, then after the 'waste' herb has dried, they run iso-alc through it to collect whatever little remains. :)
  4. Okay guys thanks will the hash be worth it? If I choose to make bho? I wanna go get the material tonight can I use butane from the corner store maybe a stupid question lol it just says universal butane.. and a turkey baster will work?.. I never smoke this shit either just don't wanna waste 50$ for nothing.
  5. Make sure you use 5x filtered and up butane. It usually says on the can how much it is filtered. Vector butane is also suppose to be pretty good but I haven't used it myself.

  6. You want a nice refined butane..vector, power, etc. Not just any turkey baster, make sure it is stainless steel.

    The bho will be very low quality and you will get a poor yield. Imo I would not do this, but if you do BE SAFE. Do not make it inside, ever!

  7. Well.. it may be, especially if you get a few grams (2 - 5 grams of decent quality BHO per oz is 'possible'.. but those numbers often don't apply to low-grade herb, and the higher end is only for the rare, 'best of the best'.. the flowers that look like they've been dunked in kief, with virtually no inert plant matter visible).

    But if it has so little resin/potency that you only get a gram or less, then $50 plus the cost of your solvent may be a bit steep.. some folks do charge that much, and more per gram in areas where it's scarce, but it's up to you.

    You really want to use 'medical/food' butane (ultra-filtered and often tested for industrial impurities), or at least triple or quintuple filtered butane, or higher.

    Certainly you should avoid the cheapest stuff, with little to no rating system or mention of filtration provided.

    If you smoke with a lighter very often, it's a matter of deciding for yourself, in your personal situation, how bad it is. Just keep in mind that if your butane does have impurities, you often won't know just by looking at it or the end-product, and if you use it for making BHO, those impurities are now concentrated in your hash, in the form of a hundred or so lighters-worth!

  8. What you should do is save your money.

    Runs aren't worth doing with low quality starting material. Save up and buy dank.

    To Badkitty, very true, but know that all commercially available n-butane is full of impurities, refined or not. No studies on what effect these impurities have.
  9. I am WELL aware... besides the methods used, why do you think they have so many levels of 'filtration'. :)

    It's why I not only skip the isopropyl, and the butane, but instead use ethyl alcohol alone for ALL my medical grade concentrate extractions. I've done BHO for fun, but if you're fast, and if you use cold materials (including plant matter, containers, alcohol) you can make beautiful concentrates using simple alcohol. :hello:
  10. Okay well I think I got my iso methd down I get flaky golden shit then I warm it up to get amber Honey color.... I just thought I would try.. what about cold water hash?.. and i buy oz of dank to smoke just thought ilk try I usually make iso hash when stems and when I clean my grinder.. okay well bho out the window haha I rather smoke my dank..

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