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  1. in India you can bribe some cop anything to get away with the UK you will be busted and cannot bribe any this the same with you ?
    or can you buy yoourself a friendly copper
  2. Bribery is quite frowned upon by the majority of US LEOs.
  3. All police deserve ULTIMATE SUFFERING
    [ame=]YouTube - The Ultimate Suffering[/ame]
  4. yea,no shit.........the rest of the civilised world too...........................................but it still appens bro :smoke: peace out
  5. In Thailand, if you get pulled over by the cops for traffic violation, you have two options.

    1. Get the ticket, and have the cop confiscate your driver's licence, and then you go to the police station to pay the fine to get your license back. It takes about half a day to do this. The fine is usually 400 Baht. (about 13 USD)

    2. You bribe the cop at the sight, and don't get your license confiscated, so you don't have to waste your time going to the police station. Usually the bribe is half of the legal fine. 200 Baht. (6.5 USD)

    Once the cop pulls you over, he will tell you what you did wrong, and he will offer you the above two choices, just like I worded above.

    Then you will know that the obvious choice is the second one.

    Convenience for you, and extra money for him.

    Win Win.
  6. I doubt most cops in the U.S. would take bribes. All those celebrities that get popped for miscellaneous charges would have done it. For ex. T.I. who is a multi-millionaire got busted in his Mercedes Mayback with 1 ectasy pill and still got charged and is currently in prison, i'm sure he would have easily paid the police off if he had the chance.
  7. Yeah it's real easy to bribe cops here. Although there are very few situations where you would need to. Most often here in China, if the police had to get involved then someone fucked up big time and it can't get swept under the rug. Driving without a license/registered vehicle would be the only thing I can think of.
  8. i could see myself doing this and ending up face down on the pavement with a boot on my neck about to have all my money lost to the "evidence room"

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