Brian likes taking pictures of his glass/bud

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  1. If i could rep you again sir i would!!!

    Looks like a BOMB sesh right there!!


  2. Haha thanks man im glad your enjoyin the thread
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    Just ordered this tonight cant wait to get it expect lots of pics :hello:
  4. Damn, that brown spoon on the right looks inviting.
  5. Not quite sure if your talking about one of the slides or not... haha
  6. i think they mean the a/c lol
    but im dyin to get some sort of heady gong bubbler.
    with insane diffusion,
    i have a circ, and trees, looking for another form of diffusion..
    the lw bub is going to deliver!

  7. haha damn i cant believe i cant understand half the shit people say to me =/

    Oh i know! I really wasnt planning on buying the LW but i saw on ALT that they were back in stock and from what everyone was saying i just had to have one more of a impulse buy then anything.

    Before i was looking into waffles or maybe a SG peyote pillar but those are so damn expensive
  8. Yeah it was a slide haha. The glare made it looked like a shovel shaped spoon :rolleyes:
  9. Alright that makes me feel like less of a dumbass haha
  10. diggin the bubbler u ordered, sorry I had to take the pic off
  11. Oh damn i didn't even know that i couldn't do that my bad man!

    But its straight it should be coming in thursday or friday =D
  12. you have at least one piece in every room of your house? nice!
  13. Haha well to be honest when im not using pieces i keep everything put up all nice and safe but when i sesh i take everything out and go where i please :D
  14. [ame=]YouTube - CIMG3271[/ame]
  15. Sorry for the lack of updates guys =/

    But fer sure will have some up tonight of the new LW! :hello:
  16. [ame=]YouTube - Movie on 2010 10 30 at 15 58[/ame]

    More to come later
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    That bub is sick man, so jealous you gnabbed it. I setup email alerts, so I was supposed to get an email when they were back in stock (dont have the money now anyways, so it wouldn't have mattered).

    So how's the bub overall, you diggin it? As always sick pics/vids!

    Anyway you could post more pics of the bub, at different angles and stuff?
  18. Yeah it was weird because i saw it on ALT and i was like hell yeah thatd be sick to have but i didnt have the cash so i was like whatever. Then a few days later i got a friend to buy it for me and i would shoot him the cash when i got my paycheck and then when we orderded that shit right after then ALTs website went down ha i got scared as fuck that it wouldnt ship or some shit..

    It was definitely love at first rip.
    Shit hits hard!


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