Brewing Falls with a MFLB & homemade bowl attachment

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by YYZ, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. hey blades

    i brew falls all the time now with my launch box. its like combining my two favourite smoking methods into one! lol.

    it does brew them really cloudy; it browns a big trench in about 2 hits.

    and with the bowl i use, the straw is dipped down into the water so it bubbles for some extra water filtration.

    try it out, its a super easy to use bowl, just a straw and a bottle cap!


    you just put the straw right into the box like a stem, and pull slowly.

    MFLB MILK :)


    pce blades!
  2. Gravity bong?
  3. Wow I though this was going to be about a trip to a waterfall with a MFLB.

    Not a bad idea. Basically a waterfall or gravity bong hooked up to your MFLB?
    The lack of an adjustable temp on the box definitely has given me some harsh hits before, so I could see the use for this. Try and put up a pic of the full setup.
  4. Yes it is a gravity bong, sorry im used to calling it just falls cause that is what we say around where i live.

    it is basically just a gravity bong setup with the bowl as the picture. i will try to get a full setup picture and maybe a milk shot when i can.
  5. Bumpity bump!

    see here is a full setup kit. its not really that different than a normal gravity bong kit besides the fact you have a straw and no bowl.
    sorry its sideways
  6. Instead of a gravity bong, make a waterfall bong. It'll make more of a consistent flow of smoke from the MFLB.

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