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Recipe Brew Weed Tea (W/ Pictures)Quick And Tasty

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by brewmaryjane, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Hey everyone! I decided to finally try making a cup of marijuana tea, and here is the method i followed. This is my own recipe and would love it to be spread! Tell your friends! Weed tea is a great way to use marijuana, and as a tea enthusiast, i personally like it a lot more than smoking!
    NOTE: This will most likely not be an incredibly intense high if you are a somewhat frequent toker. The high is very relaxing and soothing with great painkilling properties. You will be able to function in the real world with this high, it is not too overpowering!
    ...For One Cup...
    *about 1g of low-mid quality weed(reggies). Remember, more is better!
    *2 tea bags
    *honey and/or sugar
    *about 1 tsp butter. Again, more is better, but don't exceed 2 tsp per cup
    *full fat milk or half and half
    *tea kettle(to boil water)
    *tea cup/mug(mug is better)

    The Tea Bag:
    1. Assemble your materials. Grind up your weed, but not too much where it is a powder.


    2. Cut off the very top of one tea bag; the part that's sealed. Also remove the string, at the base. Dump out all of the tea leaves from the bag and keep for later use.


    3.(optional) Mix your weed with a small amount of tea leaves, from the open tea bag, just to add substance. This is useful if you do not have a lot of weed.


    4. Carefully refill the opened tea bag with your mixture. Then fold the top over, as shown in picture, and staple(you can re-attach that string from earlier too). Then clean your bag well to make sure there are no particles on the outside. (As you can see later, I failed to do this, and had floaties in my tea! If this happens to you, simply run the finished product through a mesh sieve.) Congratulations! You have have made a weed tea bag!


    The Tea:
    1. Take more than half of your butter and put it in a mug with a small amount of milk, just enough to cover the butter. You'll want to keep some of the butter to the side for later. This is not an exact science.


    2. Heat the mug to melt the butter into liquid. Be careful if using microwave and always use a low temperature, because if you overheat the milk it can curdle, yuk!


    3. Boil water and half fill your mug. Take your weed tea bag from before and submerge and dunk it, stirring periodically. (optional) Add sugar or honey to taste. One tsp usually does the trick.


    4. After several minutes of the tea brewing, boil some more water. Fill the mug up, close to the top. Put in your remaining butter and add half and half to taste. Stir periodically.


    5.(optional) After the tea has been brewing a good 10 mins, you can add a regular tea bag. I recommend this, as it greatly improves the flavor and gives it an amazing aroma.


    6. Let the tea brew for another 5-15 mins and remove both tea bags. You can save the one with weed in it and try to re-use it, but i have never tried it and doubt it will work.

    7. You can enjoy this tasty beverage either hot and freshly brewed, or have it on ice to enjoy later! When icing, first cool in fridge, then add ice only when you are about to consume it. Works well in a thermos.
    The weed tea has a very strong effect on you. Many consider it to be the supreme way to utilize marijuana. It is soothing to the stomach when ingested, and has a pleasant and therapeutic aroma. When the THC effects kick in(usually 45-90 mins after ingestion), you will experience a calm and relaxed high that is infused with caffeine. It makes you feel aware, yet still have all of the effects of a typical weed high(ingested)!
    NOTE: Some users experience mild stomach aches from consuming weed or caffeine orally, so do not overindulge!
    EDIT: If you like this recipe, please comment and tell me your results! I'd love to hear feedback!
    EDIT:Im going to try re-using a tea bag tomorrow. Ill keep you updated!
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  2. great recipe, subbed
  3. Awesome, I think I'll try this tonight.
  4. Epic! +rep
    Great first post might I add

    Trying this very soon with a strong indica
  5. How does it taste?
  6. If you use a second tea bag, it tastes just like a creamy brew of tea. It you just use marijuana, it tastes like liquid weed. I prefer it with tea, but both are delicious.
  7. have you ever had a firecracker? If you have what is it's taste compared to that?

    That's the only edible I've ever had and it made me gag nasty, it was so bad. But I got baked out of my fucking mind so it was worth it.
  8. can the tea get cold before drinking? do you have to drink it right after you make it? if not i was thinking bout making like a gallon of iced tea.....could work wonders
  9. #9 brewmaryjane, Jan 19, 2011
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    @The Crafter
    yes I've made firecrackers a few times before. I got creative the first time and took some homemade, soft brownies and cut them in half. I then took 50% peanut butter and 50% nutella and spread it on with about a gram of homegrown on each. They were probably the softest, gooiest, most delicious treats ever. The highest I've ever gotten, and you could barely taste the weed(ill make a recipe for them soon :). The next few times were gross experimental disasters with crackers and the sorts, but still did the job. Now, to the matter at hand. If you've ever had a cup of english breakfast or a mild brew like that, the flavor is almost the same, just creamier. The reason i like the tea over the firecrackers is because the tea is more convenient and quick, while the baked goods are trickier to master.
  10. sounds fantastic man, ima definitely try this soon! it looks a lil weird putting butter in tea, but i guess you can't taste it at all after adding the milk/tea/sugar and stuff?
  11. #11 brewmaryjane, Jan 19, 2011
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    Yes, i didn't mention it in my original post, but i will edit it soon. This is a great way to have your weed tea. If you want, you can just stick a large brew in the fridge, and take it with you in a thermos with some ice and a little extra sugar. A tasty and discrete treat, no one will be the wiser ;)
  12. @fallx19
    Yes, the butter is almost undetectable. But believe it or not, some people actually put butter and cream in their regular tea, it adds a nice flavor and texture. My only complaint is, the butter oil doesn't mix well with the water, so it kind of sits on the top, and gives you cannabutter lip when you drink :)(which isn't such a bad thing)
  13. awesome, can't wait to try it

  14. Report back, let me know how it goes!
  15. Awesome recipe! Can't wait to try it out. :D

    How long did the whole process take?

  16. It took me about 25 minutes, give or take 5. But you can let it brew for as long as you want, the longer the better.
  17. So I started making the tea around 10:05, finished it around 10:40 cuz I'm a slow person and I wanted to make sure I got every part right.

    I used a total of 1 tsp. of butter, a tiny bit of milk, a dash of mint extract, and a pinch of some shwag. So far I'm feeling a little bit, edibles and stuff that goes through your digestive system really hit me fast since I have a warp drive metabolism. It didn't taste that great until I used some mint, now it's minty with a hint of shwag undertones, not that bad really. I'll probably edit this post as everything goes down.


  18. Ok great! Thanks for keeping up with us! Hope all goes well.
  19. how would stems go? that'd work as same, right? if not atleast close.. i mean, with about almost 10 grams of stems, give or take a few, think with a few tea bags, i could get a good pot going and go for say 2, 3 people on it?
  20. Well, it didn't give me the usual stoned feeling, it just made me incredibly tired with no ability to sleep. haha

    I may try it again later.

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