Brett Farve considering coming out of retirement... again.

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Chuck Finley, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. This time for the Miami Dolphins.


    I hope he does so Elvis Dumervil or Von Miller can end his career for good in week 7.
  2. Eh, let him if he wants to. He just likes playing the game. It's not like he needs the money. He's still good, so what does it matter if he still wants to play?
  3. Favre*

    and he's not going to play.
  4. sweet!

    i look forward to next year when he cries like a baby at his retirement press conference... again
  5.'s just another word for offseason.
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    One thing we should all understand by this point; Packers fans had to learn it the hard way, like a cold splash of acid to the face...

    Brett Favre is one of the greatest attention whores of all time. He may love to play, and he may love to compete, and he may be tougher than almost everyone who's ever played...but that's not what it's about. Nor is it about winning, or doing what's best for whichever team he plays for. It's about him. His legend, his fame, his adoration, his marketing deals, and his ego. Nothing more, nothing less.

    To think that any team would still be interested in him, knowing that, and at his age, just shows what lengths people are willing to go to in hopes of being a story themselves.

    I am truly disgusted to think back to all the time I spent thinking this guy was a fucking hero. But I'm glad, in a way; it taught me about the real world of sports. The burnt hand teaches best. And Brett Favre burnt we Packer fans pretty bad.

    Say what you will of all he accomplished for us in the past, and call me a hater. Doesn't bother me: I shall never forget what he did to feed his own ego, I shall never forget how he turned his back upon the Packers, when they refused to bend over backwards any further - and how he went instead to our most bitter rival, just to stick it to us. Not that there was further left to bend.

    I don't feel as mad as I once did, though; to know that he had to sit on his tractor and watch us win the Super Bowl one year after his last attempt flamed out...well, sometimes the universe does indeed play out as it should :D
  7. i'm glad he left the Packers, he gave us Rodgers; who, in time, will far exceed any championships Favre ever gave us (records? no, because he won't be a starter as long as Favre was, but championships)
  8. I'm a green bay fan and want the best for favre. He burnt us bad but I can't forget what all he did for me as a fan and how much I loved watching him play in the green and yellow. He is a legend and you would be indecisive if your decisions had this much money and pain involved
  9. Jeez what did Favre do that was that bad? He un-retired, big whoop, he aint the first athlete to ever do that.

    He delivered one of your four rings Packers fans, give the man a break and let him play where he wants.
  10. So this is like the 20th time? Just watch, he'll retire again before he actually plays.

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