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  1. I have a basic Idea how to do it, common-sense wise.

    Have a male plant polinate the female plant, and the seeds the female produces will be a mix of the two plants, right?

    Im planning on doing mouie wouie / power plant, not sure how great that will do, but I know sid does mouie wouie and it looks great, and woody dose power plant, and his look great, so I figure why not combine em :p

    Would this work out?
  2. Cant say how well it would work, but i would'nt mind having one of the pups !!!
  3. grow the male in a clear bag...with holes at the bottom near the soil line just before it sheds its pollin.

    then ... ruff up the plant a it has to hurry and shed. then tilt the plant on its side so as to collect alot of the pollin in the bag...u really dont need much to do the job. from the time when u start to see the balls mature (not open but start to grow from small to big) to mature open pollin is less than 2 weeks, maybe 3.

    then take that bag and FAR from ur plants...try to get small sandwich bags of pollin for small on the other side of the plant...but dont pollinate the whole plant. tie that baggie to the stem for a few days and then take it off and ...wallaa...u got a stem seeded.

    if u really wanna be a budding botanist...take the one female and pollinated with a few diff var of males.

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