Breeding With Tga Querkle?

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  1. Anybody ever done any breeding with TGA Querkle? Thinking about breeding Querkle male with a female Purple Paralysis (Mostly Sativa) and a female Critical Hog (Mostly Indica). The purple paralysis and the critical hog were both feminized beans, would that be a problem? Or should I just breed the Querkle male with a Querkle female? Decisions, decisions...
  2. Save yourself the pain, and don't use fems in your breeding work. They'll always be more prone to hermi
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  3. So I should just pick a nice Querkle female and pollinate her with the Querkle male? They are from regular beans.
  4. That's what i would do.
  5. do both! haha thats what i did. I crossed my Querkle male to NYCD, Pot of Gold, and 2 querkle females to make f2's.  The more variety the better I think.  
    I've tested 2 crosses. noticed that the querkle adds resin production, flowering speed, and about half of the offspring turn purple. not to mention great taste 
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  6. I'm thinking about breeding Querkle with Pure Power Plant (Reg Beans) and possibly getting a nice Sativa strain from TGA to breed Querkle with as well.
  7. Hell Ya someone else with the paralysis! Shit is great! My fave plant! On a semi related note I just harvested 33seeds from my crossing of my unstable cheese bomb female and a pure sativan, ibl super sour diesel. Hoping to continue on the sativan diesel so I'll be selecting for that, just needed new genes in the pool

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  8. Im breeding purple #1 with tga deep purple. whats the purple paralysis all about any good outdoor?
  9. IMHO I would think going outside TGA would be a better idea. I love his work, don't get me wrong. 
    My logic....from what I have gathered most of his Sativa stuff is based on Brothers Grim stock which came from Jack Herer. It turns out Jack Herer is probably from a SSH mom (according to Nevil). I would go all the way back and get the SSH or get super funky and use something like one of Bohdi's Malawi crosses
    I also suspect if he has a Sativa that crosses Querkle well, it would probably be in his line already.
     I'm no expert but I am a strain whore and love hearing about new crosses.
    Just my thoughts. Good Luck :)
  10. wont work
    just like going back to your great grandparents and following the same breeding program( err lack there of really) that created you, will not create another bioguy
    too many random genetic interactions to be copied.
    NOW take into account that it was the atypical plants that were kept to create a new strains ..not the typical ones, and you have a whole basket of recessive traits..some that will never ever be found stabilized( like Bubba pre98s coffee flavor).... well you get the picture.
    if a grower wants Cheese.. do you tell em to go buy Skunk#1 ? no . so why tell em to go find an 88SSH if they want querkle?
    which leads us to another issue, that the SSH you'll be wanting is from 88, and a seedbank that no longer exists, you'll never ever find beans to run this project.
    Happy Holidays.
    Sorry, I did not realize they were trying to recreate/preserve something specific. I guess I should have known but I thought Querkle was an Indica they wanted to outcross to a Sativa.... to see what happened....go pheno hunting. 
    I've been following your posts for a while and you seem really knowledgeable so please correct me if I'm wrong.
    If the 2 crosses above were made (Querkle x TGA Sativa) vs (Querkle x SSH) would'nt the SSH cross create a wider variety of pheno's to select from (if not in the F1 then in the F2)? For sake of academic discussion lets presume the TGA Sativa is derived from a selection of SSH/Jack Herer and as you put it "it was the atypical plants that were kept to create a new strains". Lets also presume that we are talking about genetic probability not reality (which can be very different). It seems like selecting for the atypical plant would reduce genetic diversity and then reduce variability in future generations. 
    In this case I would expect the SSH to "open up" or "unlock" the strain (for good or bad) more than the TGA, while the TGA would yield less variable results. The more I think about it, it was probably a stupid post on my part because even if I am correct in my assumptions, TGA has plenty of Sativa hybrids that I would expect could "open up" the potential just as well. 
    As for SSH being available.... The Nevil/Shanti/Arijan/Sensi debate is way over my head. I would love to know the truth but have given up (mostly)...but your right...recommending any strain of questionable availability is probably not wise. 
    As for the cheese comment....if I had a cheese clone and wanted to look for new rare cheese pheno's would I better off crossing Cheese x Cheese or Cheese x SK1 or Cheese x A Different Cheese? --- I know this is almost the same question as above but I actually have a cheesy road kill skunk pheno and I would like to explore its potential ----

    Sorry for the thread hijack but I'd like to know if I was at least kinda correct.


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