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  1. Glad to be here. This is my first ever thread-post. I have a few questions on breeding/selling using Tiresias mist.
    I have a few "elite" strains, one of wich is a cut of Chocolate Diesel thats I've had for some time. My usual run with it produces a great harvest, 10 week finishing time....I left the mothers with a guy at a wearhouse (in rockwool flood to waste) but his drainage sucked, and I picked up a pathogen. I don't believe its pythium, but something similar. I took a few trays of cuttings, I then put them in 4x4 cubes, and placed them in rockwool croutons (This is my usual way)
    Anyway, when I got back the plants were at about 2 weeks of flower. This strain will go from 6 inches to about 6 feet tall in this amount of time normally. This batch did not stretch at all! The bottom leaves showed signs of pythium root rot, but I was able to get these dwarfed plants to finish. I used Micostop, Aquashield, and hydroguard.
    Well my question. I took cuttings at about 2 weeks and reveged them in soil. They all made it, and I kept the best 6. They definitely look way better, and all the foliage is green, but the leaves are still small, getting better, but it's not the same.
    I'm NOT a believer in genetic drift. I just think where the cuts are taken, how much stress tbey had growing up, and the health of the mother can lead to deteriorating results.
    So IMO the genetics of the plant is the same, and im sure if I keep nursing em for several generations I can get cloes to the original plant.
    I will be doing that, but to try a quicker fix, and preserve the genetics I plan on selfing the plants (after clones were taken) I'm using Tiresias mist for the first time, and plan on selfing a lot of seeds.
    Finally to the question. Since I'm selfing the exact genetics, is there any reason the seeds won't be exact replicas of the original Chocolate Diesel?
    Sorry for such a long first post, and I've looked everywhere for an answer to my dilemma.
  2. *selfing.....not selling (dam phone)
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    S1 ' s can produce some interesting phenos but they're really never the same as the original. Your best bet would be to learn how to perform tissue culture. This is the only way to ensure you get the exact same genetics.

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  4. S1's have the same exact genetic make up from the mother plant. In essence it is a clone. The only thing that would give something that appeared to be different phenos would be environment.
  5. Selfing a sick plant, is the way to save genetics. (Yes I'm answering my own ?) After months of work, and Selfing, I was able to save the Chocolate Diesel via S1's
  6. I use my own GA3 FROM Power Grown on ebay. be careful mixing and appling it.

    You can also use Colloidal Silver to make fem seeds.

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