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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Thom Greenthumb, May 6, 2011.

  1. So I have 2 plants right now of indeterminable gender (still young). I got them from seeds, all of which are gone. Besides cloning, what are my other options to ensure this potent dank ass strain does not die out?
  2. Reveg :D

    When its harvest time just leave enough bud and leaf for it to grow back. They should already be flushed when you chop so you only have to put them back on a veg light cycle and feed them veg nutes :smoke:

  3. Will that kill potency over time? Also, I was considering breeding if I got a male and female, but I don't really want seedy bud...
  4. Its safe to reveg upto 3 or 4 times but I've heard some people have done it even more. I've had to reveg a couple of times but I just do it once and then take clones if I need to keep a strain going. Breeding with seeds takes time to get right or else the genetics are all over the place with no stable results in many cases.
  5. Do you know the strain for each seed or were both unknown bagseed from the beginning?

  6. Thom,

    When you say potent dank ass shit, I assume you got the seeds from some good bud you got. If you only found a couple of seeds in some buds, the chances are pretty good that they'll be female.

    Plants will self pollinate to preserve themselves, and the resulting seeds are female. Cloning is the best way to insure you keep your dank, but as WizBall said, revegging is a viable way also. The problem is it takes a lot longer to have a second harvest with revegging, while you can take clones in 4-5 weeks and have them rooted and growing in less time.

    Re-Vegging the OGH way = Foolproof is a good thread if you choose to reveg.


  7. Good to know man! And yeah, It's an Indica strain, I believe the buds were female; little to no seeds.

  8. Indica : Darth Vader

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