Breeding from Feminized Clones? What happens if they are backcrossed? Hermies?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by dehv, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. I have searched far and wide, and only seem to get results about creating fems rather than breeding them.

    I would assume it could lead to hermies in subsequent gens but wondering what the community's experiences have been.

    I will be breeding with regular seeds from now on to be safe, just wondering if there's any way to carry on the fem'd clones I have right now before they flower - other than more clones.
  2. Clone them, Pollenate them, (requires a male or stored pollen) Flower them out and search for seeds.
    Feminized plants tend to spit a few seeds IME it's just part of the process to feminize them showing up late in flower. It's that last ditch effort to propagate.
    As long as it's just a few seeds late in flower they are ok to use. It's a plant that goes nuts and creates hundreds of seeds you want to trash.

    I had a strain of Blueberry that always gave back from 5 to 15 seeds like clockwork and they always grew true to the original plant. Saved her for me more then a couple of times early on in my grows when my cloning was failing more then hitting.

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  3. Thanks!
  4. if you let them just ....go way past their harvest date

    then they will Rodalize serve themselves by one flower mutating to a male

    it takes much longer than normal

    best done from harvest simply leaves a branch gong until it grows a male thing

    good luck
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