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  1. I want to do a little breeding to get a plant no one else has. I have five real good strains that I want to play around with but four of them are feminised seeds. If my mothers are from feminised seeds will their offspring be likely to be hermaphrodites or do some other funky shit?
  2. Offspring from feminized seeds are generally more likely to go hermie on you.
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  3. Yea I have researched breeding a lot now. Thanks anyways man. For anyone else reading this if your going to buy seeds and think you might possibly want to create your own later on DO NOT buy feminised seeds.
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  4. misinformation alert: feminised beans are NOT more likely to give you hermies than regular beans...

    a feminised bean with solid genetics will not hermie on you if the hermie trait isn't already in the DNA...

    proof: i once had fem seeds that i tried to force to hermie with light poisoning. i tourtured them for 3 weeks and i couldnt get a pollen sac no matter how hard i tired.


    GOOD feminised beans are bread using the silver know..the charger plugged in the wall...silver suspended in the glass, etc.

    when a fem seed is sprayed with this mixture it causes male parts to grow (i forget exactly but something about stopping a female hormone,etc).

    now you have a "hermie" but its not a genetic hermie...its man made...the hermie trait will not "show up" or get "passed on" to future generations of seed.

    you only get hermies from genes that have the hermie trait...spraying the silver doesnt introduce a new trait to the genetic line...thats like saying if you take viagra that your kid will be born with a perma-hardon...not true obviously.

    the silver is just manipulating that individual plant..not its genetics
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  5. Are you saying you can breed with a feminised mother?
  6. It's what the man said.

  7. absolutely.

    Now im no expert on this subject (still very much a student with lots of questions of my own) but ive learned enough to answer the questions you have on it.

    when you breed from standard seeds (with m + f possibilities) then the offspring can and will be both male (xy) and female (xx)...if you have two females (xx) + (xx) and breed them together then you'll be eliminating the males from the genepool. from my understanding though the occasional male is still possible but its rare/not likely. so you'll have FEMINISED SEEDS!

    i personally have never had a male from any fem seed stock. ive ran into 2 hermies but this isnt because its a feminised bean...its because of the plant's genetics (in other words that plant shouldnt have been chosen).

    if you were serious about breeding and didnt want hermies one thing to do would be light poisoning. this means during the 12/12 stage turn the light on for 1hr in the MIDDLE of the dark cycle'll notice your plant beginning to look unhappy and almost mutated...this is the plant stressing out...

    if you keep doing this and you dont see pollen sacs showing then i'd say its a good candidate for breeding considering it didnt hermie naturally.

    so you can make beans from fem all matters on what your goal is with the breeding project

    do u just want to preserve the mother plant in seed stock form? if so then you want to make S1 seeds. this are basically genetic copies of the mother they came from.

    to make s1 seeds you'd need to make CS. then once the plant shows sex in 12/12 you want to begin spraying half of the plant (or however much you desire...keep in mind that male parts will grow whereever you spray).

    then separate that plant from the rest of the grow (you dont want it to knock up the other females accidentally). let it flower as normal...pollen sacs burst...plant gets knocked up...

    at harvest you'll have your fem mother (xx) x itself (xx) all the children should be xy (male) is possible.

    also the seeds will look very much like the mother as the mother's dna/genetics are the only ones involved.

    alternatively you can also use a fem mother to cross with another fem of another strain and make a feminised cross of the two strains..

    ie. if you have say white widow and ak 47 and you wanted you ww to be the "male" you would do this.

    spray the ww. (half or all of it mattering on if you just want it for the cross or if you want s1's as well)

    then allow it to flower together with the ak47 (both of those separated from the rest of the grow once again).

    all the beans found on the ww would be S1 ww beans...all the beans found on the ak47 would be (ww x ak47).

    hope that clears things up.
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  8. yea man thanks a lot for that info. Much appreciated. I want to keep the fem strains I have at the moment as seed stock. So I will look up how to make cs that sounds like fun
  9. There is some kernel of truth to both of these:
    In general, feminized MJ seeds can have a higher tendency to hermie. HOWEVER...very big "however"...this was the situation before the reputable breeders began working on perfecting the methods, identifying the strains that take well to it, and stabilizing the lines. They have been at this now for a good 10-15 years. So, if you get femmed seeds from a reputable breeder then I agree that they are no more likely to hermie than "regular" seeds.

    So for all intents and purposes the practical answer is that no, a femmed seed should have no more tendency to hermie on you, unless you got it from someone who was feminizing as a home project. I have been using feminized seeds from reputable breeders for years and have never had a hermie or a male from them.

    Once a plant is grown from a feminized seed it is just like any other female. It isn't a mutant or genetically altered or anything like that, it was simply the result of a process that ensured it would end up with XX chromosomes (female) and not XY (male). So you should be able to clone, breed, whatever just like with any other female.
  10. great info
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