breeding basics?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by ticklemefancy, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. im kinda new to the whole growing thing, but would love to one day grow my own strain. if i plant say 6 seeds in my grow box, and say 3 are female 3 are male. do i choose my best male and kill the other 2 and leave the best male in the grow box along with the 3 females and wait for the pollen sacs to open? would that create seeds? or do i have to do something special? thanks
  2. that will work...;)

  3. what about male isolation chambers and all that? is that just to collect pollen to germinate plants by hand? and which method is better?
  4. well with the way you said with the 3 females and one male in a room you will end up with tons of seeds and very little bud... if you take the male out and isolate it from the females you can just pollinate a few bottom branches.. this way you will get plenty of seeds and still get a crop of bud from the females...;)

  5. that makes it sounds easy enough. ill have to try one of these days

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