BREEDERS! Phenotypes, Pollination and Genetic Lineage

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  1. Hey guys,

    I have a question for my breeders and pollen chuckers.. I feel like I know the answer to this but I wanted to get opinions. Say you have 2 different phenos of a cut (differences mainly being smell and structure) and you hit it with the same male pollen, do you think there would be much difference in terms of the offspring? Or would it all be sort of jumbled up within the genetic lineage? Hope that makes sense. I have some sunset Sherb x Pirates milk that I kept 3 phenos - one more on the S.S side , one more leaning on the P.M side and one sort of in the middle. Just curious to see what everyone’s response is. Thanks guys.
  2. Are you going to hit them with the original male used to make the three phenos? Or a different male?
  3. No it’s would be a seperate/newly hunted male hitting 3 phenos of the sunset Sherb x Pirates milk. It’s a Khalifa mints x Kush mints male. So it’s a whole new genetic lineage going into it. I think it takes on a completely new dna structure with similarities? But I’m not 100%. Thoughts?
  4. I will be a bunch of jumbled phenos. You're essentially making a bunch of brand new stuff. No traits will be stabilized.
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  5. Cool. Thanks for the input! That’s what I’m going for. Trying to see how much drift I can find before I stabilize anything.
  6. Future Cannabis Project on YouTube.

    Lots of great breeding content.
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