Breeder reported height vs pot size

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  1. Not sure if this is the right place for this so please move if necessary. When a breeder specifies strain height for indoor grows, what size pot is generally being used? Is it safe to assume they are referring to 5-gallon buckets?
    I ask this because obviously pot size will limit plant height, and I think its good for people with limited grow space to have an idea of what to expect based on their own limitations.

  2. You can always use LST and topping to control height.
    I understand that, but that is only one part of the equation methinks. I would think an LST/Topped plant in a 5-gallon pot vs one in a 2-gallon pot would be completely different in bushiness. Even then, compare plant in a 5-gallon regular pot to a 5-gallon smart pot and the smart pot plant should be bigger than the regular pot. Sometimes you want to control width in addition to height.
  4. I think the breeder reports are usually a bit stretched out. The plant will grow as high as you want up to about six feet depending on genetics
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    The roots have an optimal amount of room they need. If you use pots that are too small they won't just be smaller they will be root bound and unhealthy, I learned this the hard way on my last grow.
    edit - I assume they aren't describing micro grows though. if its indoors they are probably describing a closet-sized space, if thats the question..
    That's sorta the question. I mean yeah they are probably describing a closet space. Just wondering if, all else equal, the specs are based on optimal root space as you mentioned (ie: bigger pots with more than enough space).

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