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    So I have to call in to this place called JAMs every morning to see if i have to do a dt and a breathalyzer. Now, the night before i did have some shots of vodka, so i was alil worried going in. Well i was getting ready to go somewhere after aslo, so i showered, brushed my teeth, and mouthwashed. Anyway, i go in to jams feeling fine, well i do the breathalyer and i blew like a .26! I immeidatly said there is no way this is correct, blah blah blah, and i did it again and got the same thing practically. I told them i didn't drink and that i just brushed my teeth and mouthwashed, so idk what to tell ya.

    So question is, whats my best plan of action for probation. I was thinking i could just swear up and down that this is a mistake, this cannot be right, its impossible, etc. But will the dt come up and show that i did have some alcohol? This shouldn't be that big of a deal, but still.... might get a violation, which that would suck. So, any advice gc about mouthwash, (an article would be good, so i could bring it in....) and just the general situation cuz i def. wasn't feeling like .26 drunk!!

    Update. Told my po the situation, she then said that in most cases, this would be a lie. But blowing what you did would indicate a mouthwash influence. She told me next time if i want to prove my "innocence", i should take a etg (??). Which is just a different type of test. I said, yea, i wish i would of.... but basically, i got off pretty easy! Thanks for the help blades!
  2. The UA will show Ethyl Glucuronide, (EtG). It is detectable in your system for up to 80 hours after your last consumption of alcohol. (I used to be on probation for DUI). You will likely fail the UA. If your PO is cool, he'll just have you come in as soon as they get a "fail", for another UA/BT. If your PO is an asshole/sticker for the law, You will soon see a summons to court for a PV hearing.

    Depending on circumstances, you may only get 48hrs in jail + a $250 fine + 6 month extention of probation. If the judge is not partial to your case, you could have your probation revoked, and remanded to custody for the duration of your sentence. (such as if your initial sentence was 365 days in jail with 363 of them suspended, you may be going back to jail for 363 days.)

    I'm sure that when you were placed on probation, they gave you a stack of paperwork telling you things to avoid. (hairspray, mouthwash, Colognes/Aftershave/perfumes, wines in food used for cooking, alcohol, mouthwash, liquid nyquil, hand sanitizers, etc).

    It really depends on how compliant you have been to this point, and how far in your probation you are.
  3. Tell them you accidentally swallowed some mouthwash.
  4. yeah the alcohol in mouthwash stays in your mouth for about an hour or so after use, even if you had 0 to drink if you use mouthwash it's possible to blow way way over the lethal limit like .40 even
  5. Thanks for the info blades. I have been pretty compliant with the probation so i don't think they will freak out to bad.(like jailtime) But i think i will just swear that i wasn't drinking and that the test was skewed by mouthwash and anbesol. (tooth ache medicine) Which i use everyday! So i am bound to swallow some once in a while. But, yea, i couldn't believe it when i blew a .26!! i was like what!?!? lol
  6. +1 They actually confirmed this on the TV show "MythBusters".

    +rep 4 you. :)
  7. Yeah, if your BAC would really have been .260, then you would have definatly felt it. When I got my DUI, I blew a .227 and a .224. If they do it again, (and you test that high), insist on going to the hospital for a blood test. That will definitivly prove whether or not you have alcohol in your system.

    Anbesol, (Benzocaine), may result in a false positive for Cocaine. Source: Drug Testing Specifics

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