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  1. I almost always chew gum or smoke cigarettes or weed but lately I've noticed that without any of them I have pretty bad breath :( I have very good oral hygiene but it's my damn tongue, man. I'm gonna try to pick up a tongue cleaner next time I'm at the store.

    has anyone else ever had problems with their breath?
  2. There is this crazy new thing called "brushing your teeth", you should look into it.
  3. Did you read my post? I have great oral hygiene. I brush my teeth, floss and mouthwash twice a day. It's the bacteria on the tongue that you can't get without a scraper.
  4. ewwww, then get it off broham :smoke:
  5. Do you brush your tounge? White plaque will form over which is the cause of bad breathe.

  6. um....
    use your toothbrush on your tongue? I dont have a scraper and i dont have any bacteria on my tongue...I just brush my tongue....

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