Breasts or Ass?

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  1. Ass, titties are nice but more then a handful is a waste. A cups and a tight ass over D cups and a bad booty anyday
  2. Ass for doggie or bent over oh yeah

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  3. Ass is the original aphrodisiac ;) look it up
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    girl on top with d cups smothering my face. i get drunk off that shit.

    *edit* although i do prefer them thick, so there's usually an ass to go with it... but... BOOBS, ALL DAY ERR'DAY
  5. I like me a nice ass. But boobs arent far behind :p

  6. What do you mean by that?

    Do you boob guys get hard off of just seeing boobs? I'm curious cuz I can never get a boner from just boobs.
  7. No Tit's are jus tit's, they are kinda like the icin on a cupcake. You get the cupcake for the whole thing not jus the icin lol
  8. [ame=]Big Sean - Dance (Ass) - Finally Famous Album - YouTube[/ame]
  9. Tits are negotiable but the girl has GOT to have dat ass!
  10. 'm 22 and most guys around my age could care less about a Woman with wider hips being more capable of child bearing! The idea is foolish and sounds like someone took that from a high school psych textbook. I like big butts because their very attractive, arousing, and sexy. Keep in mind that by no means does curvy mean obese, there's a BIG difference. Honestly I will take a curvy woman over a stick figure any day. It's sad Woman feel like they need to lose their hips or their butt. What for? Thick hips and a big butt even on a slim girl is hot. It's 50/50 with boobs and butts to Men. There are the shallow Men that are grossed out by big butts and they are seriously misguided and just owned by the mainstream media's love for twig models. There are plenty of butt Men out there and it has NOTHING to do with kids. It's just a preference, just like wanting a blonde or brunette.

    Generally speaking, curves to a male subconscious, coincide with a woman's ability to conceive children. A woman with wider hips and bigger breasts (to a male subconscious), would be more capable in ways of child bearing and breast feeding than say, a super slim streamlined woman with a smaller chest. This is not so for every man, though it is an accepted thesis. Everyone has a different vision of beauty, which may only be skin deep. The subconscious is a wild abyss we are just barely beginning to pioneer.
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    No one thinks this consciously. It is subconsciously embedded in our DNA thanks to evolution. We are sexually attracted to big asses because it means the woman is healthy and will be better fitted for childbirth. That is why young, healthy, symmetrical people are viewed as more sexually attractive.

    But one's developing psychology has a lot to do with what they'll be more sexually attracted to. They can gain sexual attractions for things that aren't even sexual in nature. This, seems to be more stemming from growing psychological behavior, rather than natural sexuality.

    Wonderful dissertation on ass, though. lol
  12. Ass because the vagina is next door!! And the vagina is the slutty girl next door ;)
  13. I always thought big asses were attractive since it meant she had good access to food. As opposed to a stick figure who isn't eating well.

    Maybe it's both
  14. Just drumming my dick on her ass

  15. I love the ass! lol
  16. I like how he writes out his big theory of evolutionary psychology, you just respond with I LOVE ASS :laughing:
  17. Can't get more simple then that lad!
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    That too. Super skinny women aren't attractive because they aren't healthy. But for ass, I think it has a lot to do with a woman having wide hips (or so I've heard), thus being better suited for childbirth. Also, the ass (or ass cheeks, rather) is a unique feature only a few animals have. It is possible human females have developed soft, round asses as a part of natural selection (men mated with women with bigger, more flashier asses). Some ape females will gyrate their ass to receive sexual attention, so this isn't surprising.

    I think its interesting how different ethnic groups view sexual body parts differently and have different sized body parts (African large buttocks, European large breasts).

  19. It's completely true.
  20. i love both, shittttt such a hard decision.

    titties. tig ol' bitties. fun bags. sweater puppies. nom nom stations.

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