Breasts or Ass?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Streetsaint, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. I'm a leg man. Beings the ass is closer than titties I voted ass.
  2. God dammit sooo many ass men....i dont get it................but although as a rule of thumb where there is no ass there usually arent considerable titties either
  3. Ass.

    Its the obvious winner.
    Something about a nice fucking ass that makes me wanna eat that shit all day n night.
    the pussy i mean...cheeks are something to grab and form around the pussy.

    i dont know what im saying but yes ass.
  4. Tits.

    You can look at her tits when you're talking to her. You can't check out her ass until she's walking away from you...

    I can appreciate a nice ass, but I prefer tits.
  5. Ass all day
  6. qft :):):):):)
  7. a younger naive me would have said titties but i have recently been enlightened and joined the ass side
  8. I'm really proud of all the ass men on here! Dammit, now I really want some.
  9. ass cuz 90%+ of girls have good enough tits for me
  10. I'll be much more likely to check out an ass on the street, personally. It'd hold my eye for much longer.
  11. A big fat stinky chili ring butt hole !!!
  12. Boobs are nice and all, but a fine ass can drive me wild.
  13. Nothing wrong with eating ass, man. lol

    Ass. Boobs don't do much for me.
  14. Brass! You know.. A deformity where... Well, you get the idea!
  15. Where the Defintion of Ass Muncher comes from ( one who tossed her salad) Lmafo
  16. Big huge E size tits
  17. when i was a younger i only cared about tits and didnt care about ass at all.. now that ive become more mature i prefer ass over tits
  18. I definitely like a nice ass.
  19. Ass anytime
  20. Ass, but not too big, needs to be in proportion with the rest of the girl, as do the breasts...

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