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    Post anything related to a breakup or divorce.
  2. Yeah about 3.30pm bro
  3. sorry )=
  4. Why are you doctor phill ? Thought this was gonna be a pitty party post by the op but apparently he really wants a pitty party from all of GC. Ok. I fuck with it. Breakups... I broke some weed. It was sad to smoke it but it had to be done. Oh sweet Mary. *smiles and chuckles through crushing loneliness* o_O:ey::roflmao::confused_2:
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  5. Not everyone vents, not everyone needs to vent, and some don't whine when they do vent. I personally don't usually like to recount my own events but hearing situations comforts me or makes me feel normal. Your entitled to live how you want but socializing is a helpful tool for some to be self aware of their own actions.
  6. If you're having breakup thoughts, you're already past due to clock out.
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  7. One time I started dating a guy I was not all that into, sort of FWB thing that turned to dating accidentally...turned out to be kind of a psycho, started timing how long it would take me to get back and forth to locations I frequented and flipped out if I took an extra 3 or 4 minutes...tried to break up with him like 6 times and he would not accept it. Eventually the final time I broke up with him I told him I never wanted to see him again and apparently he got the message.

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  9. Yeah my wazband still trying to keep tags on me, if he asks where I have been I just reply that I just finished up with a gang bang and I'm too tired to talk. I don't plan on maturing anytime soon..
  10. So you want to break up because she has played too many games and now you cannot take her seriously or trust her? I hope you are past the most painful parts.
  11. Officially filing for our divorce today during the eclipse. & Our cat is dying. Creepy AF.
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    Why do you consider yourself "far from a decent guy?" How old are you two?
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  15. Why wait?

    And what's stopping you from searching for a good job TODAY

    Hard work pays off. Get out there and bust your ass.

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  17. Yeah, in the meantime then get out there and start busting your ass, working long hours and start taking pride in yourself.
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  19. When I was in high school I'll be the first to admit that I was prett much a fuckup. I knew I didn't want college - I didn't study or give a crap about my grades. Inevitably at the end I ended up getting expelled from school for smoking weed in the gym when no one was in there. I did get my diploma by attending summer school but whatever.

    After bouncing from this shitty job to the next I ended up in commercial roofing in my very early 20's. Maybe it was late teens - I don't know; I left home at 17 and never went back. At first it was just another shitty job but one day I realized that my peers respected hard work so I started working harder. I made myself a vow that I wouldn't miss days of work and didn't .

    Over time and through perseverance I ended up becoming very good at my trade because I made myself learn it and worked very hard at it. Over some more years I ended up running jobs as a foreman and fast track to 30+ years later (I'll be 52 this fall) I'm now in the office, and have been for a little over ten years as a project manager. I don't want to get into money and success blah blah blah but I now make almost $100K a year, have raised a family, several daughters in college, own our home, property etc etc.

    I'm just telling you this because it doesn't matter what it is you do in life - just BE THE VERY BEST YOU CAN BE at it!!! Work your ass off! Make yourself The Best! take pride in whatever it is that you choose to do. Show responsiblity - show your bosses the you are VALUABLE.

    You could be a lowly ditch digger dude - but you could make yourself the BEST damn ditchdigger out there - you know what I mean?? It doesn't even matter what it is. Make yourself valuable. Make it so that your bosses (we all have them) want nobody else but you on their team because they know you'll get the job done quickly and efficiently. Make it so that when you go home at night you know you have it your all and go home with pride knowing that you're the best at what you do.

    Your success in life all boils down to your attitude.

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