Breaking up with my boyfriend

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  1. is so much easier when we're both chillin smoking a bowl.

    me:I liked it better when we were just friends
    *passes the bubbler*
    him:...yeah lets just be friends
    *passes it back*

    then we go on talking like nothing ever happened :D
  2. thats cool that you both agreed on bein friends, it usually doesnt work that way
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    Good for you guys.

    I have a friend sleeping on my couch right now because he told his girl, "I think we would be better as smoking buddies." But he probably should have thought of that before he married her last year...dumbass.
  4. Yeah. What makes it so cool is he's the first stoner I've ever gone out with.
    None of my other ex's smoked pot, and those break ups sucked.
  5. people that smoke just understand things better, it comes with the territory i suppose

  6. I disagree lol most of the people postin threads here are askin questions cause they don't understand things. Majority of em smoke too..

    Sounds like yall were just thinkin the same thing. :smoking:

    I've known smokers to droop for weeks over a chick..goes both ways/
  7. how long were you dating for?
    if not very long at all i'm sure that has a lot to do with how it went down
  8. See, if my most recent gf had done that I wouldn't hate her as much.
  9. Sounds like you both were on the same page about the relationship to me. Had he been more into you than you were into him. I guarantee it would have not been that easy, weed or no weed. If i were to want to break up with my girlfriend .... smoking a bowl with her would NOT make anything better lol.

  10. i see where you're coming from, but i'll chalk it up to them just being stupid people. weed cant cure stupid
  11. We started dating June about 3 1/2 months.
  12. Certainly not!


  13. am I the only one who thinks thats fucking weird?
  14. A little. I guess it'd be easier to understand if there were more details given.

    It's kinda possible to still stay friends. But it usually takes a lot longer than a couple of seconds. I got dumped a year or so ago by one of my friends and I didn't get over her for awhile. We tried being friends a month or so after it happened and it worked great. I stopped liking her and had found someone else. But I think she might have been just using me then cause as soon as she got a boyfriend (3 or so months after) she didn't want to hang out anymore.

    Now we're fine again though. She lives with one of my best friends and we're both in good relationships. We've talked about em a couple times too. Its kinda nice having someone you can open up a little more to than someone whose only ever just been your friend. Plus we still blaze.:smoking:

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