Breaking Up Bud With Hands Is A Waste Of Time..

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  1. I think this is the silliest thing.  Adults who smoke weed regularly but don't own a grinder.  If you're past being a teenager and like to smoke a lot of weed then you need to own a grinder.  So much better than breaking up bud with your hands.  I can't believe people even still do that. 

    I also think it's crazy that people would buy blunts and smoke all the time rather than investing in a vaporizer and using that.

    That's just really crazy.  Who else agrees that breaking up bud with your hands is a waste of time?
  2. lol you high?

    obviously a grinder is more effective than breaking down with your hands. either way you get high
  3. I've seen people who just enjoy it, and also people who claim it gets them higher - which is nothing more than placebo at best, but placebo effects can be powerful as well. Different strokes for different folks. :confused_2:
  4. If I have no grinder or scissors available, then I will use my hands. But i prefer grinder. And blunts are fun at 420 parties and large sessions. Just dont mix em with tobacco.
  5. I own a grinder, but occasionally I like to bust it up by hand. I enjoy doing it.  
  6. i usually just chop it up with scizzors, it can get a bit tiring tho  :bongin:
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    It's almost the opposite over here... I ran around with a grinder everywhere as a teenager, but now I hardly ever use one. It only takes a minute or 2 to break a gram down by hand, plus it burns and tastes a bit better in bigger chunks, as opposed to the dust left by a grinder. What's the big deal over a few minutes lost? Are you guys seriously on some sort of time constraints or something? You're just kicking it, smoking bud, you shouldn't have to rush through that.
  8. Does someone grinding THEIR weed with THEIR hands keep you up at night or something?

    Why do you care what anyone else does with their shit.

    I for one don't have a grinder. I'm on a budget and I try to cut out things that I don't NEED. Sure I could save up a dollar here or there but it's not a big deal to me to use my hands.

    I didnt know it could bother someone who is completely unaffected by it.
  9. Hmmm I guess not using my grinder makes me 14 again. :confused_2:
    Sometimes I just like to break up by hand, it's part of the experience.
  10. I have a grinder. I don't use it often. Sometimes i just smoke a nug. I only smoke dank so there's no sticks and seeds. But i do like the groundness of using a grinder. And a kief collector is cool.

    Ill be back in an hour or so
    I'm going to where the pretty flowers grow

  11. Some bud doesn't break up as good with hands.  You get a lot more bud and a much better breakup by using a grinder.  Unless if you're broke or don't smoke that much it just makes no sense to me not to own and use one.

    If you smoke at home at your house and smoke around a gram a day then it's silly to break a gram with your hands when a grinder does a much better job.

    I also don't understand people that leave their bud broken up in a bag or something.  Get a nice mason jar and throw that bud in.  Much better.
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    You have a valid point. You made me think back to the years when i used to break up that sticky spongy skunk back in the early 1980's. It reeked so bad even through the baggies. I reeked like a skunk and people would look at me funny lol. But i remember breaking up dank bud with my fingers and how oily -resinated it was. Hashplant too. I should use my fingers next time. I kinda miss doing that :) I did for years.
  13. The bud that doesn't break up as good with hands isn't fully dried/cured properly. If you're getting a better breakup by using a grinder, then your bud is definitely not dried/cured properly.
  14. Put gram nug in grinder. Three seconds later ground perfectly.

    Sometimes I finger chop but so it's all good.
  15. Really , Mr. Wise guy .
  16. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
  17. well for one i wouldent wanna carry a grinder around because it could lead to your arrest. i have a grinder but i only use it when im gonna put the bud in my vaporizer (mflb) so i can flip the trench. yeah its easier to grind it but then again breaking it up with your hands is just more classical
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    I never used a grinder nor thought about investing in one. I just love the feeling of crushing it up by hand it just adds to the experience imo. But I don't smoke that much so maybe its just me

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  19. grinders leave you with keef. that's really the only benefit
  20. To be honest most of the people i know just fuckin rip a bud off and throw it into the pipe without grinding it, i fucking hate it because the bowl will last forever and you barely get high.
    My opinion is coffee grinder though, unless your beyond dumb and spray my fucking weed everywhere when you use it. 

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