Breaking until 4/20...

Discussion in 'General' started by suburbantoker, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. I'm running low on funds and want to have an ENJOYABLE 4/20 so I plan on saving up money until then... 50 dollars a week until then should be $300
  2. Hell yeah. That sounds reasonable. I dont think Im gonna have a big celebration this year for it though.
  3. Bloc Party in Oakland this year, gotta save up for that!
  4. Damn sounds good man
  5. you know what OP, that sounds like a good idea and a good way to save money.
    I think I just might have to break wit ya.
  6. i'ma stop on 4-1 and wait until 4-20

    no joke (also, that's the date i signed up)
  7. My friends and I did this last year. It awesome cause our tolerances went down and we were so fucking high we couldn't even finish a 3.5g blunt lol
  8. last year i drove like 400 miles round trip for fastfood with an ounce of different types of headies (8 types)
  9. the last time i celebrated 4/20 columbine happened... it sounds like fun to take a little break then celebrate.

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