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  1. is there any secret or do you just have to wait for the right moment?

    How do you start of making small talk to a girl/guy sitting next to you in college for example, when you don't have anything to say?

  2. Find ANYTHING to say.
  3. Well if you're in the same class you have AT LEAST one thing in common. I always found a good way to break the ice would be to ask for something small like "hey would you happen to have a pen I could borrow." Just something simple to start a conversation and go from there. Confidence is all you really need. Hey maybe you'll say some stupid shit a long the way but I would rather trip over my words trying to meet somebody then not saying anything at all and wondering if I even had a chance. Just find something simple you have in common or just give them a compliment about something you notice.
  4. Try a "I'm not going to be like every other Joe in the class by asking for a pen or pencil, but I think you would be a great tutor for me later in the year."
  5. Heres' what you do wait till class is over and as she/he get up to leave ask "hey aren't you forgetting something? She/he: What? Me!"

    or "hey, somebody farted. Let's get out of here.""
  6. Just talk to her how you meet anyone, dont be intimidated and your good.
  7. 'Hey, my name is ______. You look kinda interesting so I figured I'd say hi!'
  8. Hey Im_________ You a ______Major?
    (for college and go from there)

    For anywhere else I just wing it. Which is pretty simple to do.
  9. i seriously never end up saying anything ;\

    but there's still plenty of time............ my lack of sleep kills my sociability

  10. Tell her about the time you read about this guy who was in jail and it was his birthday. Somehow his cellmate found out it was the guy's birthday and as a birthday present he raped the guy so hard he started having convulsions.

    If you hadn't read about it yet, well you have now.
  11. My College sucks. It's a community one, but man the desks are all spaced and every class is a horribly quiet lecture class. FML. gotta stick to nabbin them bits in front of the bathroom or some shit. I'd say grab one and just be nice though and try to talk about the class, then ease your way into different shit

  12. your a sick fuck but i LOL'd
  13. Start with hello.
  14. this:rolleyes:
  15. well, if youre in class, just nudge her n be like "so what do you think of this guy?" (professor) and nod your head towards the professor with a smirk on your face....

    or just ask her what you missed last class ( i miss the first day or two of every semester blazing dank and meeting people lol, that way when you come in the 2nd or 3rd day youre all new and exotic LOL)

    if youre in the library or something and youve seen the chick around before, be like "are you in ENGL300 (or whatever) with professor whatever?"

    dude, i used to be introverted as all get-out being stoned all day, mind you, had plenty of friends cause when im introduced through social circles im myself, and funny, and whatever, but ive found that girls (and women) JUST LOVE BEING TALKED TO. AND HIT ON. THEY LOVE THAT SHIT. YOU CAN TALK ABOUT ANYTHING.

    as long as youre not creepy, and not totally repulsive.

  16. That is genius, sir. Two cookies for you! :)

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