Breaking out of ' The Box'

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  1. Recently I took a Myers-Briggs personality test from a 'licensed psychologist', she calls herself that, she aint got no legally obtained PhD and the results were degrading to say the least. The test results claimed I was an ISTJ-type, for those not on the up it means I'm a creepy introvert with minimal social skills or in layman's terms a pussy-anti-magnet. I disagree with these results completely as I retook the test online and the results were polar opposites, the online test said I was a ENFP-type, an extraverted, empathic, dreamer, an ADHD poster child.

    Thing is I answered both in the same manner, photographic memory mother trucker, and I suspect the 'psychologist' will recieve a 'PhD' soon as she messed with my results in turn messing with my cash flow in turn messing with my vibe/mood/mind. I plan on treating her to some verbal vaginal ... I mean rectal dejuvination tomorow morning but I don't posses all the skills to do so, so all I'm asking for is some legal terms I could throw around to make my threats sound legit, I want her to pay, no-one can be placed in a box, no-one should be placed in a box, we are all special, unique beings sent to spread love and PhD's. This will be one for all those who were put in 'the box' before me, all those whose dreams were shattered to propel the machine, let's revolt, against the system, against the machine, rise with me brothers. Rise.

    So to clarify:

    - I want some legal mumbo jumbo to ASSault her with.
    - I don't want to be placed in a box, I have too many dreams I want to fulfill, too much life to live.
    - Besides, her test said I should become a gardener, me a gardener? Fuck no, not until I can plant herbs of my choosing.
    - Fuck the system, help a brother out. :smoke:
  2. i'm an INTP
    are you just mad at your test results?
    i'm confused
  3. It sounds like you're not going to break out of 'the box' until you're comfortable with the things inside it first.

    I'm not trying to burst your bubble bud, just trying to give you some friendly advice.

  4. do what i did.

    refuse treatment.

    that'll burst her bubble!
  5. I'm not at my results, I'm mad at the fact that they think they can define my personality by having me take a test. Weird thing is she messed with my answers to make me a ISTJ, the total opposite of my real personality, ENFP. I was nervous while taking the test and she must've misinterpreted my nervousness as Introversion.

    What I'm trying to say is we are complex beings and our personalities cannot be defined by a few letters and if you still don't follow I think you should listen to some Weezy.

    "I guess you stand under me, if you don't understand me" Lil' Wayne - 6 foot 7
  6. Why did you take the test in the first place?
  7. I was very insecure at that moment, still learning to love myself and others
  8. How did the results effect your cash flow? You're letting calculations and words define yourself? Yikes
  9. Your personality changes circumstantially. It's more the result of your relationships than an indication of what "you" is.

    Would you get a different result if you took that test in front of 50 people who were watching you? Would you get a different result if you'd just spent the past week honeymooning in the Bahamas with the love of your life? Would you get a different result if you had just divorced her?

    A test is an arbitrary measure, based solely in the context of your relationship with the universe in that moment. To say it encompasses "you" is to blow it way out of proportion, and take away from the meaning of the saying "it's all in the moment" :p

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