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Breaking: Obama orders plug pulled on 70,000+ blogs

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sir Elliot, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. Blades,

    Very serious

    U.S. Authorities Shut Down Wordpress Host With 73,000 Blogs | TorrentFreak

    Obama has pulled the plug on 70,000+ blogs. Not being widely reported at all, with serious concerns that reporting on this will also get your blog seized by Obama.

    Remember, while we peons are suffering from the 2nd Great Depression and suffering from the Oil Spill that Obama created... Obama is jetting around the nation for lavish expensive vacations on your dime, giving his pet dog his own private jet for travel (White House wanderers tour Acadia | The Morning Sentinel, Waterville, ME), playing more games of golf in 3 months than Bush played in his entire time in office, etc etc.

    This man acts more like a King or Emperor every day, and now when he silences thousands of dissenting voices at once, the State Run Media doesn't even report it.
  2. Dude you're fucking retarded. The blogs he shut down weren't "dissenting voices", they were hosting movies, music etc. Illegaly. Good on the gov't for doing their job.
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    wow.. that was excellent on topic input right there :rolleyes:

    so yeah OP:

    Obama is better than Palin.. so he should be able to do whatever he wants.. because Palin is retarded.. makes perfect sense.

    lets let the President do whatever he likes because the losing VP candidate is a retard.. excellent!!


    a private jet for his dog? Really??
  4. #4 Sir Elliot, Jul 17, 2010
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    Awww Xenith you went and changed your post right when I was quoting it. Why take down the "Blame Palin!" post?!

    When in doubt:
    1) Blame Bush
    2) If 1 fails, blame Palin
    3) if 2 fails, cry racism
    4) If 3 fails, return to step 1

    Also, I'm glad you support allowing Obama to shut down the internet at will "to stop movies from being downloaded!!!"

    Those movies must be protected at all costs!
  5. I didn't really blame palin. I just said we were close. It was a kind of irrelevant post.
  6. he is just a puppet here to deceive the nation
  7. yeah that was a quick ninja edit lol
  8. so are you implying that SE doesn't bring any truth into the conversation? The Obama Administration has been cracking down on pirate websites big time. Consider the fact that they now have a kill switch to the internet and the not so Secret Big Brother program the "Perfect Citizen". Don't worry though, the NSA states that it won't spy on you, even though they don't have a need for search warrants anymore.
  9. dude.. so fucking on point i didn't need to read another comment
  10. Said it before, say it again:

    "Land of the free..."

    Does that actually mean shit in America anymore?
  11. Free... to do exactly as liberals tell you to do.

    All Hail ObamaMessiah!
  12. im not gonna fully get into this, by the way, i checked out that link and i think that shit is scary. but anyway, most people see obama as the final decision maker because that is what he is portrayed as. people just blurt out "Obama did this and that"....no. he is just a puppet.
  13. Yes, all 73,000 blogs were hosting movies and music illegally. Yay corporate media! Good job government protecting your good buddies. Wouldn't want them to stop shilling for the state now would we?

    The sad fact is that your last statement is actually correct. The government is doing their job. They're protecting the people who got them into office.
  14. These threads are getting more and more hilarious!!

    Thank you for bringing me humor today SE.
  15. Hilarious

    OMG those evil bastards cracking down on copyright infringement

    Download all the illegal media you want, but don't start pretending it's your right not to pay for such entertainment
  16. They are actually doing their jobs as kstigs said. I download stuff, but it is only things that are remarkably hard to find in stores. Music? Only when I have searched a lot of the stores around here, and it is not on Itunes. Movies? no, most of those are malware/spyware anyway.
  17. yea i gave up on torrents after i crashed 2 computers. had to be the issue
  18. FUCK!

    Good thing the site I use is still up.

    I hope this doesn't fuck me, I was going to start using Wordpress and adsense to start making mini-sites and get paid.
  19. So when will the government send sheriffs to bust down your door for downloading mp3s? Bout' the same thing as downloading movies nowadays. The music/movie industry just needs to re-evaluate how they distribute or even make products anymore. We don't need the government shutting anything down.

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