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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by XxJWxX, Aug 31, 2002.

  1. Never thought i'd see the day....Snoop Dogg quit smoking...Those of you who have seen a lot of him or heard a lot of him know he's a big stoner...High Times stoner of the year....This is all true unless he's lying to the media but i've heard him on the radio talkin about it too...

    *Here's the article I just read*

    If there is one thing that Snoop is known for outside of his music, it is that he loves smoking weed. Or should I say, loved. It turns out that High Times Magazines' “Stoner of the Year” has quit smoking marijuana. Not only that, he has given up drinking as well.

    While Snoop may have just lost 98% of the subject matter in his music, he says that quitting will only bring about positive effects. He told allhiphop, “Drugs cloud your vision…I was having fun when I was getting high. Don't regret none of the times I was on it. That was me, Snoop Dogg: Stoner of the Year. Don't give a f*ck. That's how I did that… I said 'Let me stop smoking dope so I can get a better vision of myself, see who I am and what I mean to the world. What I mean to my kids and what I mean to life in general'… I used to do public service announcements and tell the kids, ‘Say no to drugs' and high as f*ck – very hypocritical. That’s one thing my momma always told me, ‘If you gonna do something, baby, mean it. Do not be hypocritical. Do not say, 'don’t do this' and you turn around and do the same thing.’ I took that to heart."
  2. more power to him.
  3. i dont get it.. why doesnt he just quit doing anti drug ads? :smoking:
  4. theres no way Snoop Dog is going to quit smoking, he's just saying that to clean up his image
  5. Since when did Snoop Dogg do public service announcements? Never! He wears a big platinum and diamond weed leaf around his neck for god's sake. Nobody would let him do an anti-drug ad. That was totally fake, man.
  6. fake???!!!??????!!!!!!!???????!?!?!......I live in los angeles i've seen him perform at clubs where he smoked a nice fat blunt on stage.......a few weeks ago he was on the radio station (power 106 fm) talkin about how he has been sober for a few weeks and was thinkin bout givin it some fuhkkin research before you tell me its fake son....

    Back to the subject.....I dunno if he gave up or not its too hard to tell. He was smokin so much and endorsed all these smoke products that it seems kinda strange to give up...damn i remember when his bong was in high times i think around a year ago...he payed like 5-10k for it.
  7. Sorry, man. Didn't mean to make you angry. I just thought some of the statements in that "quote" were questionable. Snoop Dogg would be taking a dive if he stopped smoking and endorsing Da Chronic.
  8. what do you call it when something important happens?
  9. What could be more important than the S-N-Double-O-P D-O-Double-G Ya See and whether or not he smokes weed

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