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  1. Im bout to break the news to my mom that i smoke weed . how should i do this ??? she is totally aganist pot and im scared she try to put me in rehab im tierd of hiding it im proud to get high im not ashamed but i hate rehab and if i tell her i think she will flip........any suggestions
  2. the way i see it is dont tell hear she might freek and keep a eye 24/7 so u dis side
  3. just one suggestion.........don't
  4. honestly, I dont think you should..from what I gather from what you said, I dont think she'd like to know..

    well, do you do any other drugs? or are you in trouble a lot? do you basically have a casual relationship with your mom? Im only asking because when I was all of these things..I got in deep with my parents when they caught me smoking mj. its been a lil over 5 years now and I smoke, and they know, but I am much more responsable, I dont get into trouble (not the stupid shit like I always used to anyway hehe) and I have a very good causal relationship with them now, they pretty much let me be me...and they let me live!
    they know I smoke, and they dont say anything..but I do not smoke in front of them. They never see me smoke..I dont think they would like it If I blatenly did it in front of them..
    I just dont think its a good idea to tell them. I know the feeling you have about being tired of hiding it...but sometimes its just for the best..maybe after a while she will catch on that you do smoke (this is what happened in my case) and she may not say anything, but you'll still be able too..
    I hope this helped your decision, I had a similair experience and I thought maybe i could help.
    good luck.

    sometimes parents even think its better that they dont know (this doesnt limit just smoking pot)..(what they dont know wont hurt em!!!)

  5. My mom and me have no relationship whatsoever i barely see her i dont get in lots of trouble but i think she knows i burn but im not sure ...........
  6. kinda krazy eh?

    If I were in your situation..from what it sounds like, I would keep quiet for a lil while...I mean I dont *really* know, but from the sound of it..
    I mean so what if you tell her..then what happens? sometimes I jump into situations without thinking about whats really going to happen (and not just in your head!! but you know your mom! how is she really going to react??) and what if she is pissed then its like you pulled your Get-out of jail card too know what I mean?

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