BREAKING NEWS: Police Raid 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup

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    Police Raid Shock At 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup!!

    Just one hour ago 150 to 200 uniformed police officers stromed this year's Cannabis Cup, our sources at the Cup say.

    The Cannabis Cup, undoubtedly the largest gathering on the planet to celebrate, discover and judge all things marijuana, has been raided by the Dutch police. Such police interference is unheard of in the 24 years of the Cup.

    Ali Bongo's company directors and manager, jetted off to the Cup at the start of this week, intent on rooting out the hottest new strains on the market and bringing back the best new smoking materials and accessories back to our store. After several days of exploring, smoking, circulating, smoking, networking and smoking, they returned to the Cup this morning for more intrepid head-shop work. And some smoking.

    The frantic telephone report just received from the boss himself was that as they were leaving the Cup, 150 or more uniformed police advanced upon the venue and entered. Our crew managed to leave the venue, but report that people behind them were being stopped and searched.


    Whilst a large amount of the police were in full uniform, our source says that many were also plain-clothes officers. The police were all carrying evidence bags.

    The cup changed venue this year to the Leidseplein area of Amsterdam, and perhaps this may be linked in to police action, we're unsure.
    And that's the word of the moment right now: we don't know. The Cannabis Cup was in full swing with a full crowd there when numerous members of the Dutch police force decedent upon the venue. We shall update as we know more.

    This just in:
    At the very least, it won't be going on tonight. Who knows when or if it will be able to start back up. We could be witnessing the end of the Cannabis Cup; the end of an era.

    “Amsterdam is changing.” Is the word from the boss, who's out there now, relaying this news by telephone, “the Red-Light district has all changed and the whole feel of the ‘Dam is very different from previous years. It's sad times.”

    So sad times at the High Times cup.

    Another contact INSIDE the venue just contacted us with this update:

    The police are advancing under the pretense of some kind of Opium law. The Cup is usually not subject to police action, but they are stopping and searching everyone here.

    The police are confiscating, bagging and impounding everything from everyone, but are taking no names or hauling no one into custody so far, at least that I've seen.

    Our source believes that it is the that fact the Cup has moved location that could be the catalyst for the police raid. He has indicated that the local authority (The Mayor?) of this particular area is unhappy with The Cup's presence in his jurisdiction and has sent police in.

    Whilst the police continue to collect and confiscate any illicit materials (bear in mind this is The Cannabis Cup so they could be some time!) the people inside the venue are smoking up as quick as they can. A circle of smokers is growing and people plan to blaze up whatever they are carrying before it gets taken from them by the local forces.

    This is all we know for now – you'll have more as we hear it.
  2. fuck the police and the mother fucking bureaucrats!
  3. terrible news...thanks for keeping us updated.
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    The more oppressive and illogical the system acts - the more people will be forced awake to its absurdity.

    Did that sound like a stoner ramble or what? :)

  5. whadda bunch of jerks, cops supposed to keep the community safe and theres no chance anyone at a cannabis cup would be a danger to society. either the cops want to just take the weed for themselves to smoke or theyre just jerkoffs. thats my opinion on this, peace
  6. What. The. Fuck.
    That is just terrible...
  7. I can't believe this!
  8. Assholes, they must not have had much "action" at there department lately
  9. fuck there all prob smoking so much ganja right now, unspeakable amounts
  10. Oh my god... No way... Dutch police? And I thought they were cool.
  11. Oh man....:(
  12. If this ends up being the last one I'll go fucking insane. I've wanted to go since '08 but something always fucks up. Even going to this would have been better than none.
  13. They raided the cannabis cup. Because that wins the drug war for them right? No one can get weed anywhere anymore? Yeah. They didn't waste money on raids to just piss people off i hope.
  14. I was there earlier today and one of the vendors mentioned they had seen undercover cops. I'm not surprised. Some vendors got too cocky. People were dealing left and right. What a shame. I'm going out to the coffee shops now to see if there's anything new to report. Btw, the cheese here is unbelievable, so is the Og, my favorite so far. Peace.
  15. Wow that's ridiculous :(. The police are probably just confiscating it to smoke it later, because there doesn't seem to be a plausible reason for this raid.
  16. Day One at the 24th Annual Cannabis Cup

  17. The Medical Marijuana High Times Cannabis Cup went off in Colorado without any problems..... looks like it might be the new home to both Cups.
  18. I was at the cup they pushed every one out threw out all are weed and let us go.

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