Breaking News: Hostage situation at Hillary Clinton campaign office

Discussion in 'General' started by Still Smokin, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. For those of you at home, turn on the news (MSNBC, CNN or FOX). There is a hostage siutation at one of Hillary Clintons campaign offices. Its somewhere in New Hampshire. Apparently two people are being held hostage and the little fucker has a bomb and is demanding to speak to Hillary Clinton herself?? Crazy shit..
  2. holy shit your right, this isnt even a joke!!!! i hope she goes to them and the guy blows up. id like to see her dead.
  3. Yeah shits major.
  4. ehh, its not a big deal, they have 2 hostages and the bomb probably isnt real, although it would be crazy if it was. im sure this is some crazy fanatic who is going to be portrayed as a nut, but he probably has some legitimate political agenda which i would probably agree with, i just wouldnt use a bomb to get it accross.

    right now, it seems its just two hostages and that hilary is being secured as well as the offices of other candidates in the area. im interested to see where this goes.
  5. he should just let the people go then detonate himself. hed only be fucking up the campaign and he wouldnt hurt anyone but himself most likely. wouldnt be a bad thing
  6. I highly doubt its a real bomb anyways. I wonder if this guy knows hes going to prison/dying.
  7. Wow, thanks for the heads up.. I was getting ready to beat off to porn.. but I guess that can wait a couple minutes.. this is the highlight of my day.. I hope everything works out OK though.
  8. Hahahahahahahaha ah man you actually got me laughing out loud.
  9. hehe, I downloaded some "home schooled sluts" and I was really looking forward to a nice chill afternoon.

    Ah its great to be unemployed.
  10. Yeah, ive only been out of work for not even a week yet, and just picked up applications today.

    Im all out of weed though :(
  11. All of the hostages are free now.. but the dude is still in the office building with an apparent bomb attached to him.
  12. I think Hillary should go talk to him. ;)
  13. That bitch isnt even in NH.. I wonder what the whole point of this ordeal was.. a political message? or just some mentally ill guy wanting attention?
  14. I predict a rise in Hillary's popularity. Kind of like that part in Canadian Bacon.
  15. Is this shit still going on?

    Anyone know the outcome.. I got bored with it all.

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